#Bigg Boss 10 house is converted into a dhaba of sorts with contestants have turned into chefs with their aprons on. Manvver has been appointed as the sanchalak as well as the judge to test the contestants’ culinary skills! Also Read - Pavitra Punia Gets Evicted From Bigg Boss 14 After Jaan Kumar Sanu?

#Quite intrestingly and matter of factly contestants have manged to cook Paneer Chilli and everybody gets into the act. The dish is served and Manveer is smacking his lips already! Looks like he is enjoying in this task. He approves what has been dished out. Bigg Boss summons him in the confession room and asks him to rate the dish. Bigg Boss seconds Manveer’s choice and Manvveer wins the task! Also Read - Man Watches Bigg Boss & Avatar To Keep Himself Awake While Doctors Perform Brain Surgery on Him | Watch

#Up next is the next dish for which everybody starts grabbing the ingredients. Manveer starts lashing out at Lopa for hogging every ingredient. If that is not enough a fight breaks out between Rohan and Manvver. Rohan argues with Manveer that he can not dictate the terms all the time. Manveer is not happy that Rohan screams all the time. Finally Manveer is asked to taste what he is served and he simply loves it. And guess what Bigg Boss loves it and Manveer seconds second time too! Also Read - Rhea Chakraborty in Bigg Boss: TV Actor Says Her Entry in House Can Clear Confusion About SSR

#Lopa and Rohan make Dark chocolate dry fruits Halwa.  Manveer thinks that the two spoilt the chocolates. Bani J and Manu make kheer and Manu approves that too! Lopa is not happy with the fact that Mamveer called her chocolate halwa is jeher!

We don’t think Bani J is ever going to learn her lessons! Bigg Boss 10 is into its last leg and the road to finale is going to be difficult. Bani J and Rohan Mehra are fighting because one of them will be eliminated in the days to come with Lopa, Manveer and Manu securing immunity. So when Bigg Boss asked the contestants to rank themselves Bani J simply lst her cool! Lopa was trying to say something about Bani and that’s when all hell broke loose. Bani suddenly starts using all the bad words for herself. When Roah questions Bani and tells her not to shed tears over a nonsensical issue Bani snaps back at him!

It quite clear that She is selfish. And doesn’t give damn about what others think of her. While the first quality is a big no no in the house since this is a team game, the other attribute (I-don’t-give-a-damn) does not work especially when Bigg Boss asked for a consensus. Bani has come across in the show as utter fake. Her cool attitude has not charmed us either for it shows duality of her selfish persona. Above all, she is a liar and wants to be  passed off as someone who really cares for others. In reality, she doesn’t give a damn