Priyanka Jagga – the first evicted commoner contestant from the Bigg Boss house returned on the show recently as the wild card entry. Yes, Priyanka’s re-entry in the show ruined several relationships and she seems fully prepared to play ugly games. As soon as she entered the house she started creating rifts between the housemates. The four wild card entries have raised the temperature inside the Bigg Boss 10 house and will cross any limit to stay in the game. Priyanka Jagga is quiet well-known for bad mouthing and we were shocked with what she did to annoy Manu Punjabi? Also Read - Rubina Dilaik Shares a Stunning Bikini Picture, Fans Call Her a 'Jalpari'

According to the reports on Business Of Cinema, in the upcoming episodes, Priyanka will try her level best to create some gap between Manu and his fiancée Priya Saini. Yes, she starts misguiding Manu by saying that Priya has stopped watching the show due to his closeness with Mona. She further even started saying that after Lokesh’s eviction she called her up and Lokesh and said that Manu and Manveer were responsible for her eviction from the show hosted by Salman Khan. But why is Priyanka trying to break Manu and Priya’s engagement? Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Star Rakhi Sawant Begins Her Mom's Cancer Treatment, Thanks 'God Brother' Salman Khan

In an interview a few days back, Priya was quoted saying that she very well knows that Manu is doing all this just to be on the show and she watched every episode of Bigg Boss 10.  Everyone has seen Manu Punjabi openly flirting with celebrity contestant Mona Lisa in the show. Well, we told you earlier that Manu Punjabi – the Jaipur based businessman is engaged to Priya Saini. Manu’s soulmate Priya was quoted by Times of India just before the show premiered on 16th October, 2016. She said, “He has this habit of getting into any fight or argument, even if it has got nothing to do with him. Also, he is obsessed with cleanliness. Ab yeh dekhna hai ki woh Bigg Boss house mein kaise survive karte hain.” Also Read - Rahul Vaidya Breaks Silence on Losing Bigg Boss 14 to Rubina Dilaik, Recalls Indian Idol

In an recent interview Manu’s fiancee Priya expressed her displeasure watching Manu and Mona’s closeness in the show. She even said that “I hate Mona Lisa; she is a despo. Woh jab dekho Manu ke aas paas ghumti rehti hai. She has been nominated so many times in the show. She would not have been able to survive the show, had it not been for Manu. In fact, in one of the episodes, Manu ne bol bhi diya tha ki Mona ne ek mahina survive kar liya show mein, that’s more than enough. She knows that the day Manu and Manveer abandon her, it would be very difficult for her to stay in the house. That’s the reason she keeps hanging out with both of them and tries to get intimate with Manu by hugging and kissing him.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Will BB10 contestant Manu Punjabi DITCH fiancee Priya Saini for Mona Lisa?

She added, “As far as Manu is concerned, I know he just treats her as a good friend. I know a lot of people think that Manu is equally at fault since he too is committed. But this doesn’t affect me as I know that Manu is like that off-screen too. Woh apni saari female friends ke sath aise hi friendly hai jaisa Mona ke sath hai. Sometimes I used to tell him that other girls might take his over-friendly nature otherwise, but that’s how he is. I am sure that he doesn’t feel for Mona the way the makers of the show are trying to project. I saw one episode where she was complaining that Manu doesn’t pamper her. She gets jealous when Manu talks to some other girl in the house. Well, I hate her even more after seeing all this!”

Will these recent developments cause a rift in Manu and Priya’s relationship? Only time will tell.