Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma have been making headlines with their romance inside the Bigg Boss house, this season. Their PDA is just all over national television, giving us all a whiplash. Case in point being the bathroom episode which crossed all limits of decency. They have been receiving immense criticism for their mushy romance from the other contestants in the house and on social media but they seem unperturbed about it. However, the latest buzz doing the rounds is that Bandgi has had a sudden awakening about the issue. She has apparently realised that their PDA is not showing them in good light on national television and has hence decided to call it quits with Puneesh. While we don’t know if this is entirely true, the official Instagram of Bigg Boss has shared a video of the two discussing about the issue, although jokingly.Also Read - Dear Bigg Boss, Stop Parading Your 'Biscuit Men' Shirtless, It's Sexist And Ridiculous

In the video, Bandgi does try to breach the issue of their relationship becoming a matter of concern for their respective families but Puneesh seems to be taking the issue very lightly. While Bandgi was seen taking the issue very seriously, Puneesh was trying to talk her out of it by indulging in useless and meaningless conversation. We don’t think Bandgi or Puneesh are aware about the issues that have already taken place outside the house due to their “relationship”. While her dad was taken ill and admitted to the hospital, her landlord too has reportedly decided to throw her out of the house, once she gets evicted and returns to normal life. Furthermore, her boyfriend Dennis Nagpal too has made up his mind on breaking up with her. Well, seeing the videos, we still aren’t sure if they will go ahead with the breakup. While that remains to be seen in the coming episodes, here are the two videos, we’ve been talking about. Check them out and let us know what you have to say about them. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: After Hina Khan, Karan Patel Takes A Jibe At Priyank Sharma – Read Tweet) Also Read - Hina Khan's Latest Post is All About The Importance of Mental Health Over Physical Fitness | Read on

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Meanwhile, we are reminded of the promise he had made to her a few episodes ago. For those of you who don’t remember, we’d like to brush your memory with what he had said. He had promised her that he would stand by her even if her parents refuse to accept her after the show. Additionally, he has proved his loyalty to her more than once. Right from contending for her captaincy to supporting her in all her fights with fellow housemates— he had her back. We would like to see if he keeps his promise and continues to do the same even after the show ends. Coming to the show tonight, we’ve reported how Hina Khan will be seen covering Bandgi’s face with chilli powder. Will Puneesh stand up for his lady love or will he keep calm and let her fight her own battles this time? What do you think? Let us know in the comments’ section below.