Shanivaar ka vaar is back with Salman Khan and the house of Bigg Boss 11 will once again be on fire. The gharwalas are giving so much masala that the show is soaring on TRP’s and we can’t stop watching the back to back tussles.Also Read - Salman Khan Speaks on Being Pitted Against Brother-in-Law Aayush in Antim

9:45-10:00 Puneesh tries to get in Shilpa’s good books and tells Akash that if Arshi will fight with Shilpa, she would have to face Puneesh’s wrath. Arshi takes the spark and turns it into fire. She goes to talk to Vikas and asks him to choose between her and Puneesh. Vikas tries to talk to Shilpa and know what Bigg Boss has shown to her Shilpa doesn’t say anything about him and plays her game brilliantly. Mouni Roy comes to the stage to promote her Bollywood debut “Tiger Zinda Hai”. Also Read - After Burning Crackers, Salman Khan's Fans Waste Milk on Antim Posters, Watch Viral Video

9:30-9:45 Salman declares that Luv Tyagi is safe and he says that he too is shocked with the results. He also declares that Shilpa Shinde is safe from the evictions this week. Hina gives a totally fake reaction to Luv and sounds absolutely shocked with the news. Luv and Shilpa also get an opportunity to see who bitched about them behind their back. Bigg Boss shows Luv the footage of Hina considering the fact that he is in love with her. Also Read - Antim: Salman Khan Requests Fans Not to Burn Crackers in Theatre, Shares Shocking Video

Vikas repents his decision of nomination because two of his friends Hiten and Priyank.When Shilpa goes in Bigg Boss shows her the entire footage of Vikas Gupta.

9:15-9:30 Salman gives accusations on Vikas Gupta’s behalf and tells Priyank that he is the most fake person on this show. Priyank counter blames Vikas and says that Vikas finds everyone fake and he over exaggerates things. The nest accusation towards Priyank becomes his habit of using people to his advantage. His friendship with Ben once again comes into question and Vikas blames him for diverting Ben’s behavior and it got her kicked out of the show.

Salman Khan turns towards the future predicting quality of the contestants. He plays a game and brings a standee with the faces of all the contestants. Hin becomes the first one to participate and Salman asks her who does she thing will betray Vikas? She says Puneesh and explains her answer. Next answer comes from Shilpa. Salman asks who will be the next to handle the kitchen and Akash’s face gets picked. Salman asks Arshi who is the person who has a few minutes to spend in this house, she picks up Luv’s face and says that her answer is very obvious.

9:00-9:15 Salman Khan gets a heartwarming welcomes from the housemates and asks them to compare this season from the rest of the seasons of Bigg Boss. Salman says that in none of the seasons has he witnesses this much lack of coordination. The housemates failed to decide the contenders for captaincy and Vikas explained that the housemates are less concerned about their victory and more concerned about the other ones loss. Salman also indirectly blames Arshi for ruining the game.

Salman says that Arshi got a way to gain all the eyeballs when she saw Shilpa and Vikas getting friendly. She replaced Vikas and got loggerheads with Shilpa. Salman says that he will not discuss Arshi and Shilpa from next weekend and Arshi would miraculously stop all the non sense. Salman Khan makes jokes on Arshi’s vocabulary for Shilpa.