After a weekend overloaded with shocks,  Bigg Boss 11  is still recovering just like the rest of us. Hiten was the strongest of contenders and his eviction has put a question mark on entire illusion of popularity. Celebrities like Hina and Shilpa have suddenly realized that their celebrity status might fail to save them too. This week was a reality check for all and it’s time for nominations once again.Also Read - Salman Khan Speaks on Being Pitted Against Brother-in-Law Aayush in Antim

11:15-11:30 Akash gets angry with Arshi for planning and plotting to nominate him. Akash blurts out everything to Puneesh and tells everything which Luv said to him for nominations. Also Read - After Burning Crackers, Salman Khan's Fans Waste Milk on Antim Posters, Watch Viral Video

11:00-11:15 Arshi gets insecure with the talks of nominations and fears that her name might come up as well. She tells Vikas about it and says that she has had enough. Luv changes his mind and asks Akash to nominate Puneesh who has been discussing nominations till now. Hina is still offended by Luv’s rude remarks in front of Salman Khan this weekend. Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to gather together and have some slaps dipped in sugar. Bigg Boss shows all the clips of the contestants discussing nominations. After all the embarrassing clips, Bigg Boss nominates all the contestants except Hina Khan for discussing nominations. Also Read - Antim: Salman Khan Requests Fans Not to Burn Crackers in Theatre, Shares Shocking Video

10:45-11:00 Priyank tells Hina that Luv was discussing the nominations and was talking about Hong Kong( Hina Khan). Meanwhile Luv discusses his issues to Puneesh. Puneesh suggests that he should eat muscle(Priyank) and crab(Akash). Shilpa joins the discussion and says that they can eat anything out of the menu inclusing bheja fry(Vikas) or snake(Arshi).

Shilpa gets amazed to see that Vikas and Priyank are working out together. The changing dynamics after Hiten’s eviction surprise everyone.

10:30-10:45 The matrix of the house keep changing and Vikas tries to mingle with all. Shilpa’s outrageous stand to save Priyank came as a shock to Vikas and he sits on the table taking to Priyank about the same. he says that he thought that Shilpa is a mad woman but he was mistaken, she is clever and cunning. Shilpa talks to Puneesh and says that she just opted for Hiten because he was strong. She said that just like the others, she too is playing a game and she did what she had to do. (ALSO READ: Akash Dadlani To Lash Out At Arshi Khan In Tonight’s Episode Of Bigg Boss 11)

Vikas and Puneesh start deciding the next contenders to be nominated and they name Hong Kong and Macau (Hina and Akash). Vikas asks Puneesh to take Arshi into confidence. Arshi tells Luv that Akash and Hina are good friends and they should make s biryani very soon. Puneesh tells Shilpa that people are deciding to nominate her as well. He calls her Shimla and says that she too was being considered. Akash starts to eat food inspite of being punished by Bigg Boss. Hina tries to argue but Akash doesn’t budge. After Hiten’s eviction, Shilpa questions the new found love of Priyank and Vikas.