The twists and turns of Bigg Boss 11 are beyond expectations and comprehension. The changing dynamics are a part of the game and with the captaincy tasks coming up every week, it’s hard to know, who supports who anymore. No friendships are permanent and Bigg Boss’s house is the best example.Also Read - Salman Khan Speaks on Being Pitted Against Brother-in-Law Aayush in Antim

11:15-11:30 Priyank’s egg appears next and the political parties come to his rescue. Akash tries to snatch it away but ends up hurting Hina. Arshi comes up with a brand new plan to make Shilpa the worst performer for this task.  Puneesh , Akash and Shilpa discuss about making Luv the captain. Priyank gains his contender ship for captaincy as he manages to safeguard his egg till the time of the buzzer. Also Read - After Burning Crackers, Salman Khan's Fans Waste Milk on Antim Posters, Watch Viral Video

11:00-11:15 The game begins with Akash’s egg and Puneesh throws it into the pool with ease. Arshi says that she will play the dirty game and will leave no stone unturned for winning. Everyone starts their grab fight and they all aim for Vikas’s egg. Vikas pushes Hina and Shilpa and they fall far away. Hina tells Vikas that he can’t touch his own egg, only his supporters can. Vikas says that if they will touch his egg, he will protect. Also Read - Antim: Salman Khan Requests Fans Not to Burn Crackers in Theatre, Shares Shocking Video

Shilpa and Hina bitch about Vikas while standing in the corner. Hina once again mocks Vikas for getting Hiten thrown out of the game. Hina calls it Vikas’s masterstroke and gives him all the credit for his eviction. Arshi gets eager to break Shilpa’s egg and says that she wants to do the honors for her. Akash tries to grab Vikas’s egg and Vikas fails to save it this this. Akash throws it in the pool and Hina looses her control. Akash and Hina both seem like the lunatics from a stranded island.

10:45-11:00 Priyank lands in soup when Vikas asks him when did he tell him that he will support him over Hiten. Vikas questions him and he blabbers in response.

10:30-10:45 The day starts with Akash praising Arshi for her full on drama. He compares Arshi with Shilpa and Arshi says that she is a far better human than Shilpa. Hina, Luv and Priyank try to decode Vikas’s strategy once again. The letter which Luv found in the washroom was written by Vikas and he had used Arshi’s nail polish to do it.

Shilpa cries in the wash room and once again questions her decision to come to the Bigg Boss house. She cries her heart out and feels that she is loosing all the respect she had earned till now. She even tells Puneesh how disgusted she is wth Akash and Arshi. Hina and Luv once again get to loggerheads when they tell Hina that she is behaving insecure once again. Luv proposes to save Vikas and Hina gets furious. She says that as his friends they both should be cornering Vikas. Luv tells her that they all have a right to play for themselves and use their own brain. (ALSO READ: Arshi Khan’s Friend Reveals A Scandalous Detail About The Bigg Boss 11 Contestant’s Life)

Priyank and Luv talk about Hina and she goes about in the house trying to instigate people. She tells Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh about the letter which she Vikas wrote for Hiten because he was sorry. She tells Luv and Priyank about it and Luv asks her why she is roaming around the house like a loud speaker.