Salman Khan becomes the Santa Claus of the Bigg Boss 11  house this year and he brings an amazing surprise for all. Today, as announced earlier, the house will be connected to the audience of India and they will select a candidate who will enter the semi finale week directly.Also Read - Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Lashes Out At Afsana Khan For Her Nasty Remarks, Warns Her

10:00-10:15 Salman Khan asks Vikas and Priyank to appeal to the people of the nation and give them reasons for saving them. Priyank starts his appeal and manages to get 67% votes. He blabbers for a minute and then apologizes to women in the end of his sppech. Vikas’s turn comes next and he manages to get 71% votes and becomes the first contestant to enter the semi finale week. Also Read - Antim The Final Truth: Salman Khan-Aayush Sharma Starrer To Hit Screens On THIS Date

9:45-10:00 Arshi Khan meets Salman and tells him that Vikas Gupta is a disaster and he will not be able to recover from this. Arshi calls hina that asli Naagin. Salman brings the real emotions of the housemates in front of Arshi. Only Vikas was sad and the rest were celebrating. Arshi nominates Vikas and Priyank to be sent to the semi finale week. Salman announces that live voting will happen and the people of our country will decide who deserves to be in the semi finale. Also Read - Salman Khan's Lawyer From Hit-And-Run Case, Amit Desai, to Represent Shah Rukh Khan's Son Aryan Khan During Bail Hearing on Wednesday

9:30-9:45 Salman Khan asks the contestants their wild guesses for the contestant who might leave the house tonight. Priyank and Luv are declared safe and Arshi and Puneesh become the most endangered ones. Arshi Khan’s first experience after being nominated was horrific because Salman declared that she is evicted. She gives a special hug to Shilps before leaving. Vikas gets emotional once again because two of his friends got evicted in two weeks. Shilpa and Hina discuss if Arshi was using Vikas or Was Vikas using Arshi?

Vikas tells Shilpa that Arshi loved her so much. Shilpa says that he love didn’t give her the right to insult her by stooping down to such low levels. Vikas gets teary eyed once again and Shilpa doesn’t welcome his feelings.

9:15-9:30 Salman points out Vikas’s changed behavior after Hiten’s eviction. He was dull all throughout the week. Vikas explains the notes he wrote for Hiten and said that he planned the whole week and he got evicted. He wanted to get through to Hiten through his luggage buyt failed to do so and flushed the notes. Luv found one note and narrated the entire story. Vikas says that Shilpa was the game changer and not him. Salman declares that Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani are safe this week.

Everyone tells Salman that Hina was asking for captaincy by not asking for it. Salman called Shilpa Balidan ki devi. He asks Hina why she was creating non sense in the game. She was not ready to be the captain herself, she didn’t let Shilpa get down and she didn’t let Priyank and Luv become the captain.

9:00-9:15 The day starts will gifts for all as it is Christmas. The gifts are kept with a name tag and they are from the housemates. They give each other all the heartwarming silly things and bring a smile to each other’s face. Hina once again had a problem because Arshi got two gifts and she got just one. That’s not at all insecure Hina.

Salman wishes every one a Merry Christmas and congratulates Arshi for being the top favorite of the house as she received two gifts from Vikas and Shilpa. He came to the point and named the nominated contestants by saying their nick names out loud. Salman tells everyone that their strategy to discuss nominations have back fired and they are all nominated except Hina Khan. Salman asks the housemates if they consider the entire team of Bigg Boss and Salman himself, a fool. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 December 22 2017 LIVE Update: Hina Khan Becomes The New Captain Of The House)

Salman asks Hina to fetch the briefcase and files from the store room because she thought he very well deserved it for his interview that day.