Bigg Boss 11 is the most controversial show on Indian television and today the viewers would be in for a treat. The day for nominations is back and the twists are awaited. The housemates are in “no friend no enemy” zone and every one will nominate whoever is the strongest according to them.Also Read - Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Lashes Out At Afsana Khan For Her Nasty Remarks, Warns Her

11:15-11:30 Akash boasts his guess because he didn’t even count while he was sitting in the dome. Vikas notices Hina’s game and says that she was telling everyone that 42 minutes are over when almost 10 minutes were left. Hina brings one more letter from Bigg Boss but it turns out to be a Dominos party. The housemates go wild and savage the pizzas within minutes. Also Read - Antim The Final Truth: Salman Khan-Aayush Sharma Starrer To Hit Screens On THIS Date

11:00-11:15 Luv faces the wrath of the contestants with ice and deodorants. Hina warns him after a time that he is exceeding the required time. Luv keeps counting and ends only when he thinks that 42 minutes are over. Shilpa goes inside the dome after Luv. All the motherly jokes fire towards her as she counts to 42. Hina takes Luv to the corner and asks him not to convince anyone because he knows her time is not up yet. Also Read - Salman Khan's Lawyer From Hit-And-Run Case, Amit Desai, to Represent Shah Rukh Khan's Son Aryan Khan During Bail Hearing on Wednesday

The nominations end and Bigg Boss announces the results. The two contestants who got nominated for being the farthest from 42 minutes are Luv Tyagi and Priyank. Luv sat inside the dome for 9 more minutes and Priyank came out 10 minutes early. Puneesh, Akash and Shilpa got saved from the nominations by being closest to 42 minutes.

10:45-11:00 After Priyank gets out of the nomination dome, Akash gets in. He keeps singing songs and says that he doesn’t even know how to count time. Hina points out that Shilpa is counting for him and that is the reason he is chilling out in the dome. Vikas and Puneesh start distracting Shilpa and ruins Akash’s game. Vikas convinces her by saying that they would end up loosing the luxury budget because of her. Hina pretends to be the savior for all and tells everyone that 42 minutes are over. Luv goes in next and Priyank bombards him with random numbers.

10:30-10:45 Vikas drifts off into depression once again and the other housemates enjoy his misery. They mock him with different sad songs and roll on the floor laughing. Hina Khan gets the scroll and she reads out the letter. The contestants would be asked to note down the time of 2 minutes. If their guess is right, then they would be safe, if wrong, then they would be nominated. The same task would be counted as the luxury budget task and a do or die situation would be created for the housemates.

Everyone will perform and the others will distract the perform. Puneesh gets called to the nomination dome and Hina asks him to concentrate. Luv brings papaya to irritate him and Hina starts reminding him about Bandgi. She kept distracting Puneesh by telling him that 42 minutes are over. He tried his best and Hina was very sure that he didn’t stay in the dome for 42 minutes. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 24 December 2017 Written Updates: Priyank Sharma Beats Luv Tyagi In The Akhada Round)

Hina talks to herself and plans a way to help Priyank in getting the 42 minutes right. She tells herself that although this is a mean game yet she will play because she wants to win. Priyank goes in next and the housemates stick to the dome yelling numbers. Akash farts in the dome and