Nearing its fourteenth week, this season of Bigg Boss 11 has been an emotional ride for all. There were many unseen twists and moments which made this season more interesting to watch. After the consistent fights the equations between the housemates have settled. With every passing week one more deserving candidate will bid adieu to this house. This week the nominated contestants are Akash Dadlani and Priyank Sharma.Also Read - Vicky-Katrina's Super-Hyped & Secret Wedding Triggers Hilarious Memes on Twitter | 14 Best Ones

11:15-11:30 Vikas GUpta says that his mother is a very humble lady and she belongs to a little village. He says that his mother is trapped in a wrong place and she wouldn’t even know how to react to other’s reactions. Everyone discusses the possibility of their mothers fighting in the padosis house. Also Read - Salman Khan's Bodyguard Shera's Team to Guard Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif's Wedding Venue While Bhai Stays at Home?

11:00-11:15 Akash’s deal with everyone else fails him and no one gives him even a single reaction. Akash’s mother feels bad because people ditch her son again and again. Akash gets disheartened when no one supports him. Shilpa’s brother says that the housemates are playing a game and it’s only fair for him not to trust anyone next time. Akash’s mother starts crying when he surrenders. Puneesh also gives a reaction followed by Luv. Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: 'I’ll Rather Leave The Show Than Being Insulted,' Says Shamita Shetty After Salman Khan Blasts Her in Weekend Ka Vaar

After Akash’s turn comes to an end, he calls Vikas a ‘Gadha’. Akash’s mother cries after his reactions and says that her son is her pride. Vikas takes turmeric in the issue to show that he has poop in his hands. His plan fails because Shilpa doesn’t give a single reaction to him. Vikas throws Akash’s briefcase into the pool and Akash gives a reaction. After the reaction Vikas reveals that it was his own suitcase. Vikas and Akash’s mother start fighting over the number of reactions Vikas managed to get. Luv becomes the winner with most number of reactions.

10:45-11:00 When SHilpa SHinde’s turn to get reaction come, she fails to ignite any. No one moves a finger and Shilpa almost fails. Luv wears oranges as boobs to get smiles and manage to make Akash and Shilpa smile over and over again. Hina and Akash get loose and give almost 13 reactions to Luv.

Puneesh comes up next and Akash very easily starts talking to him. He gets ten reactions from Akash but fails to get any more from the other contestants. Vikas’s mother starts gloating at Vikas for not giving any reactions. When Akash’s turn comes no one budges.

10:30-10:45 The day starts with VIkas and Priyank hugging each other and realizing that their time together on this show might come to an end this week. Bigg Boss gives the next task and asks the contestants to ignore one of the contestants. Hina starts to behave loud and the house starts to ignore her. She delivberately falls down on the floor to get a reaction and manages to get a few.(ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 December 26 2017 LIVE Update: Akash Dadlani’s Mother Reveals The Truth About Vishal Dadlani’s Claims)

Priyank goes next and Akash becomes the weakest link. He keeps on giving reactions and Priyank manages to make him smile many a times.