What an emotional week it was on Bigg Boss 11 The contestants met their family members and their feelings were up to the brim this week. After a rejuvenating experience, Bigg Boss will test every one’s patience and it’s time for the housemates to gear up for a big battle. Also Read - Pathan: Salman Khan Joins Shah Rukh Khan For Shoot of Action-Thriller Film At YRF Studios

11:15-11:30 Akash keeps on commenting on Vikas’s acting and entertains everyone from the outside. Bigg Boss announces that Vikas has manages to win a big party for them. He apologizes to Akash for blaming him for stealing. The housemates enjoy the party to the fullest and retire for the day. At night Puneesh and Akash tell each other they they are fearful of going outside. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Star Rakhi Sawant Begins Her Mom's Cancer Treatment, Thanks 'God Brother' Salman Khan

11:00-11:15 Puneesh suspects that Vikas is lying. He opens Akash’s packets and finds the coffee. Puneesh , Shilpa see for themselves and start suspecting Aksh. Priyank confronts Akash and he swears by his mother and his grandmother. Vikas succeeds once again and chooses food for the party. For his next challenge Bigg Boss asks Vikas to throw atleast 3 clothes of any one contestant in the pool in anger. Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan Announces Audience Will Be Able to Audition For The Next Season

He starts talking to Priyank and Vikas storms off when he smiles. Vikas starts blabbering and doesn’t even listen to his sorry. He unnecessarily creates a hill out of a mole and instigates Priyank. Priyank keeps smiling and Puneesh comes to add fuel to the fire. Puneesh calls it the Vikas Gupta show once again and makes everyone believe that he is crying. Puneesh goes to talk to him and calls him the top four contestant for his pathetic acting. He manages to throw three clothes of Priyank in the pool and tells everyone that he is relieved. Luv says that after sending Akash to the kalkothri, he is getting all the footage outside.

10:45-11:00 Vikas battles with Priyank and Luv as well but fails to convince anyone. Puneesh says that this is BIgg Boss, not Vikas Gupta show, so he should quit deciding things for others. Akash goes to the kal kothri and Vikas loses the first task. Priyank gets upset because Vikas suggested his name for kalkothri. He gets into a rift with Puneesh when Puneesh refuses to tell Priyank that Vikas didn’t suggest his name. Puneesh asks Vikas not to lie and as usual Vikas swears on his mother.

In an attempt to make up with Puneesh he hugs him and Puneesh pushes him away. As his next task Vikas gets a chance to make one of the housemates, cry. Vikas plays a smart game and gives an acting challenge to Hina and Luv. He asks them to cry and prove their skills. Hina and Luv cry within a blink of an eye and Vikas succeeds. For his next task, he gets to blame any one housemate for stealing. In return he would get to choose between food and decorations. He steals the coffee himself and blames Akash for stealing.

10:30-10:45 The day starts with Hina and Luv bitching about Vikas Gupta. Hina has always opined that they are the ones who have given the title of Mastermind to Vikas and he is now dancing on cloud nine. Bigg Boss asks Vikas to perform a secret task and in return he offers a lavish party for New Years. Vikas willing agrees and decides to perform his best. After Hina’s captaincy comes to an end, Vikas, Luv and Shilpa get the opportunity to rule the house for a week.  (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 December 28 2017 LIVE Update: Shilpa Shinde Plans To Traumatize Vikas Gupta Once Again)

The task starts and Vikas gets an opportunity to win the food for his house party. Meanwhile Bigg Boss announces that it’s time for the kalkothri’s punishment and most deserving should venture out in the cold. As per Vikas’s task, Bigg Boss had asked Vikas to convince the candidates not to send him and Akash to the kalkothri. Akash and Puneesh discuss Vikas’s strategy and they think that Vikas is taking his revenge from Priyank. Hina thinks that Vikas is feeling insecure from Akash because he thinks Akash gets footage in the kalkothri. Hina refuses to agree with Vikas and says that she is not his puppet. Vikas asks Akash to convince the housemates and promise that he will change as a person.