Bigg Boss 11 gave another shocker in the recent weekend ka var episode. The elimination was quite predictable, we thought, but it turned out to be the most surprising elimination. While most of them thought that Luv Tyagi would bid goodbye to the show, it was Bandgi Kalra who got eliminated! There has been lot said about Bandgi and her relationship with Puneesh Sharma. While some said that it was fake and just a strategy, Salman Khan supported them in yesterday’s episode as well. There has been seen a lot of backlash from her ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal as well. However, in a recent interview to, Bandgi Kalra came out clean with her relationship with Puneesh, Dennis Nagpal and the housemate. Read the excerpts of the interview. Also Read - Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Bandgi Kalra Summoned For Cheating Delhi-based Engineer by Posting Fake iPhone X Ad on Instagram

What are your feelings after getting eliminated? Also Read - Holi 2018 : Ekta Kapoor Hosts A Fun Filled Bash ; Shabir Ahluwalia, Kanchi Kaul, Erica Fernandes Attend - View Pics

I’m not happy. I’m sad about this elimination. I wanted to stay more in the house. 80 percent of the people in the house also expected Luv Tyagi to go out. I don’t know, maybe his luck is stronger than mine. Also Read - Love Is In The Air! Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Puneesh Sharma Puts A Ring On Bandgi Kalra's Finger?

Do you think you should have survived long?

Yeah, I would have. I don’t know what went wrong or what went right with him that I had to go out. Maybe it was for some good reason.

Who will you miss the most in the house?

I will miss Puneesh and Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa is a very nice lady. She used to cook for me and make nice paranthas for us. She also used to give me the extra ones chup chup ke!

What are your thoughts about Hina Khan? 

I’m not at all happy with her. I’m sure most of the industry is not happy about her. The things she is talking about people..she even talked about Salman Khan..what else can we expect? (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan’s Fan Following To Witness A Downfall After Her Recent Antics?)

Was your bonding with Puneesh Sharma a strategy to win? Was it fake?

No..not at all. It was true. It wasn’t a strategy.

What is your reaction to the backlash regarding your relationship with Puneesh?

I was prepared for it. Even inside the house people said that it is fake or they are playing a game. But maybe they were saying it purposely so that viewers get emphasized with that. People inside the house are very smart. They wanted people to talk about it. I was prepared for positive and negative reaction both.

What do you have to say about your ex-boyfriend Dennis Nagpal?

That person did that he did for free publicity. Now that he is getting it..he is using it. Let him eat the free cake. For how long how can do that? (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra Asks Puneesh Sharma To Break Up, Ex-Boyfriend Dennis Nagpal Reacts To It )

Who are the smartest players in the house?

Vikas and Shilpa. Both are tough competition to each other. Vikas might win the show.

What do you think about Hina Khan’s crying episodes inside the house?

That’s definitely fake. If you cry for two hours just because you gave your teddy bear..what can one say? It is too much. We know you are an actor but respect that. Don’t make fun of it. Har task me rona hai, har nomination me rona hai aur har dusre din bhi tona hai (She wants to cry for every task, nomination, basically every second day)!

Who is the weakest contestant on Bigg Boss 11 right now?

Luv Tyagi. He doesn’t do anything. He is just roaming around the house, does gym and keeps on gazing in the mirror whole day. When there is a fight related to Hina only one person you will find standing by her and that is Luv. He keeps following Hina wherever she goes. He is funny that way.

What are your views about Priyank Sharma?

Good that he is getting criticised outside. He deserves that. He is that one guy who actually doesn’t respect girls. He is also playing the same game as of Luv. The only difference is that Luv is a commoner and Priyank achieved a bit in his career. So he has more fan following outside.

There were reports of you being thrown out of the house by your landlord thanks to your stint in Bigg Boss 11, how will you deal with it?

That was fake, all rumors.

Now that you are out of Bigg Boss 11, what do you plan to do next?

I am looking forward to the good work coming my way. Films or television, whatever will come and will be suitable for me, I’ll do it.