Bigg Boss is now poised to take strange twists and turns. From Priyank Sharma’s eviction for getting violent inside the Bigg Boss house to Hiten Tejwani’s eviction in the hands of the housemates, Salman Khan-hosted controversial reality show surprised and shocked us quite often and it’s has been an emotional roller coaster for the contestants. With the recent mid-week eviction, the makers of Bigg Boss 11 once again shocked its ardent viewers. As we know, with least number of votes, Akash Dadlani aka A-Cash, who entered the show as a ‘commoner’, was eliminated. It was truly shocking to see one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss 11 house getting evicted.

Akash, with perfecting the task of troubling the gharwale and entertaining the viewers with his childlike innocence and tantrums, had managed to become one of the finalists of Bigg Boss 11 but it seems that his stars failed to shine just when he was close to the finale. Lately, Akash started to grab headlines for his sleazy acts – for misbehaving with the women in the house, forcing himself on them and using foul language while speaking to the ladies in the house, among others. However, there’s no denying that Akash had given his best shot to keep us all entertained throughout. Don’t you agree with me?

In an exclusive interview with, Akash spoke about his first-hand experience in the mad-house and gave us insights about his co-contestants. Akash said, “I almost tasted the win. It was really heartbreaking to leave the show at this juncture. I had expected myself to be in the house for a month or so, but I happened to stick around until a week away from the Grand Finale. This itself is an achievement to have survived on the show with really popular celebrities,” adding that, “I am not surprised to see myself in the Finale because I gave everything to the show and Bigg Boss gave it to me in return. I might have also done things which were not correct but I played the game all alone and did it all myself. Also, I had a lovely experience inside Bigg Boss 11 house; it was like I am living in a joint family, where people are of a different culture, traditions, lifestyle, among others. It’s a great platform and I would like to request you all to try next year; the show can make you a star overnight.”

Speaking of Arshi Khan’s claims that Akash only talks vulgar stuff and creeps everyone out, he said, “Arshi herself talks vulgar stuff. She used to talk like that to me and so, even I used to talk like that. If you had seen when Arshi re-entered the Bigg Boss 11 house after she had been evicted, I gave her a foot massage, she gave me a kiss and I gave her a kiss. Honestly, Arshi is cool with what I do.” Clarifying Awam’s doubts about Akash forces himself on women, he added, “I am a very nice guy; I love and respect women. And you know initially on the show when every girl used to cry, I used to feel very sad and I was the one who used to wipe everybody’s tears.”

Speaking about his ugly fights with Shilpa Shinde in the house, he said, “Shilpa and I were best of friends. Since she had not many friends in the house, I was her closest friend. I had (and still consider) considered Shilpa to be a motherly figure in the Bigg Boss house. Initially, she took care of me like her baby and I too made sure that she doesn’t feel alone in the house despite surrounded by so many others but after a few misunderstandings cropped up, the equations changed.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Decoding Eliminated Contestant Akash Dadlani’s Roller Coaster Journey

He further added, “But when Salman Bhai took my class on the 14th week, asking me to rectify my mistakes, I went to Shilpa and apologised for my behaviour. Not just that, I also helped Hina in making her Share Khan mug that Shilpa broke during the BB Mean Task, I also buried the hatchet and became friends with Vikas Gupta. Puneesh toh mera bhai hai hi (Puneesh had always been my brother).” When asked about whether his differences with Shilpa Shinde got him lesser votes, the Rapper said, “Ho sakta hai (May be) But you know, I will tell you one more thing, I did not want to survive or win the show with someone else’s publicity but wanted to do it all alone. I wanted to prove India that I played individually on the show and I had made it to the Finale all by myself.

Akash also commented on the rumours of Puneesh and Bandgi faked their relationship for camera, Akash revealed, “Bandgi had come to my house last night with Arshi Khan. I can say this with surety that Bandgi loves Puneesh and Puneesh too loves her immensely. The two were not pretending to be in love for the camera but they really were in love.” Also, he spoke about one of the main concerns in the house, being messy and unhygienic, Akash said, “Everyone is messy and all are unhygienic in the house at some point but it’s ok to be messy and unhygienic. Of course, everyone complains about being unhygienic, but they themselves are unhygienic and they fail to realise that. ALSO READ: Exclusive! We Finally Know What Arshi Khan Will Be Wearing For Bigg Boss 11 Finale Night! – View Pics

As he spoke about the final four contestants, who have made it to the finale, Akash said, Hina Khan is one of the strongest people I have seen; she is also one of the strongest contenders, she was the best when it comes to performing tasks. On the other hand, Shilpa was busy cleaning and cooking for us and could not be the best at tasks but there is no denying, she gave her 100 percent in the task. While Vikas and I were at loggerheads, akhir akhir me humne dosti ki hath badai (we later became friends) but this doesn’t take away his tag of being a ‘mastermind’; he was the only one who played the game that too very cleverly. Puneesh is a sweetheart, he is a brother to me.

Here comes a surprise. While speaking about his future plans, A-Cash revealed that he is coming up with a single soon with a well-known singer of Bollywood. The Rapper told us, “I have a very big surprise for you. I am doing a song with Pawni Pandey, who sang Laila Main Laila for Shah Rukh Khan starrer film ‘Raees’. Yes, she is doing a single with me. Pawni Pandey and Akash Dadlani, the rockstar, are coming up with a new song.” So, are you excited about this upcoming single? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Watch this space for further updates on Bigg Boss 11.