The Salman Khan hosted controversial reality show has finally come to an end with Shilpa Shinde declared as the winner. Like every season, this season of Bigg Boss 11 too brought together a host of very diverse and interesting contestants. The show format is such that it brings out the inner most emotions of a person – be it good, bad or ugly. During the course of the show, the contestants often left us shocked and surprised with their behaviour. But one person who was a revelation was television actress Shilpa Shinde. While the actress showcased the various shades of her personality, the audiences’ attitudes towards her changed as well. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 October 21 Episode Major Highlights: Captaincy Task Breaks Friendships in The House

Yes, she was popular and a known face as compared to a lot others in the house this time. But she wasn’t one of the favourites. The actress grew on the viewers and endeared herself to most Bigg Boss 11 fans. As we look back at all the high and low points of the show that ended last evening, here’s decoding how Shilpa Shinde went from being a naive bhabhi, to a bitchy behenji, to finally a badass who is winner material. Also Read - Hina Khan Slays in Rs 33K Midi Dress, Leaves Netizens Mesmerised With Her stylish Look

Before Bigg Boss 11: Before the reality show, people had seen Shilpa as Angoori bhabhi on Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain. The show was popular with family audience and the actress’ character of a naive bhabhiji was one of the most loved ones. Her ‘sahi pakde hain’ had become an immensely popular pet phrase with many of the show’s fans. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Update: Asim Riaz, Rashami Desai, Paras Chhabra To Enter as 'Toofani Seniors' After Hina Khan, Gauahar Khan, Sidharth Shukla's Exit

The shocking controversy: TV characters have a wider reach than the characters in the big screen. Over time, audience often starts relating the character’s traits to the real person who is playing the role. The same had happened with Shilpa. No wonder then, when she made headlines for the controversy where she was accused of throwing tantrums on the sets, demanding an unreasonable hike in the fee and leaving the showmakers high and dry by exiting the show, the audience was taken aback. They realised that bhabhiji was just a character and perhaps Shilpa Shinde as a person is all that that is being said about her.

First Day in Bigg Boss 11: We directly saw Angoori bhabhi, in her popular character avatar on Salman’s show. She came face to face with her main nemesis, who was somewhere behind all the accusations and the reason why she left the show – Vikas Gupta. She was curt, she was bitchy. Bigg Boss 11 fans realised she has a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude which she takes very seriously and everyone expected some masala on the show. On the first day itself, we had tension brewing between two contestants. Good start for a show that thrives on voyeur.

Inside Bigg Boss 11 house: A few weeks into the show, we saw Shilpa as the outspoken person who says things as they are supposed to be said. She also made it clear that if something is said about her, she is not someone to take it lying low but is strong enough to confront the person and either take them head on or clear the air. And all this time, she fought her battles in a comparatively more calm, composed and graceful manner, without demeaning others or losing her own dignity.

After a few months in Bigg Boss 11: The show premiered on October 1 and it took the audience just a little over a month to realise that Shilpa is one of the strongest contenders on the show. Not just that, her popularity sky rocketed with many rooting and voting for her to win the season. Even though she was constantly pitted against Hina Khan, who is considered a bigger television star than Shilpa, the actress with her game, through her demeanor and deportment in some of the trickiest and most trying situations won more hearts than others could manage. Bets were high that will win the show and most fans wanted her to emerge winner since they felt that she was a good soul, who played a genuine game and deserved to take home the trophy.

Now, a day later to the finale, Shilpa is back home with her loved ones, while social media continues to pour congratulatory messages for her for playing a good game, winning the show and setting an example for other potential contestants of the future Bigg Boss seasons to follow. Shilpa Shinde’s popularity has soared and we won’t be surprised if she has producers bee-lining to sign her own for their shows, or even a project on the big screen. Bigg Boss 11 may have ended, but this is a brand new start for Shilpa’s career in showbiz.