Salman Khan-hosted show Bigg Boss 11 is just a few days away from the finale, the makers are trying their best to entertain its viewers. Earlier we had reported, Awam Ki Jaan, Arshi Khan, who reached Mumbai on Wednesday morning after completing a marathon 14-hour shift at Lonavla for the mean task, has been spotted practicing for the finale with her on-screen Bigg Boss “pati” Hiten Tejwani. Woah! Isn’t that an exciting news? Also Read - Dhinchak Pooja is Back With 'Roz Roz Ka Kaam' & Twitter is Cringe-Laughing Hard | Watch At Your Own Risk

However in tonight’s episode, as Begum Arshi Khan continues her quest to find the meanest person from the Top 5 contestants, she successfully manages to instigate the gharwale to explore their dark side. Today, Hina, Akash and Puneesh find out exactly how mean their fellow housemates can get! Also Read - Vikas Gupta Comes Out as Bisexual, Says 'With Pride I am Bisexual, I Fall in Love With Human Regardless of Gender'

As the laughter bells rings and Hina is in the spotlight, the rest of the contestants get creative in finding new ways of being mean to her. While Akash and Vikas both suggest that they want to destroy Hina’s favorite robe, Shilpa has hatched a plan to hit Hina right where it hurts the most! Plan A: Destroying Hina’s make-up Or Plan B: targeting her favorite SHERRKHAN mug gifted to her by beau Rocky Jaiswal. Arshi picks the eviler option from the two suggested ones and urges Shilpa to pick the latter. ALSO READ: Exclusive! Bigg Boss 11 Finale: Arshi Khan To Perform A Sexy Dance Number In Her Favourite Night Dress Also Read - Vikas Gupta vs Parth Samthaan: Vikas Says Parth Wants Everyone to Believe That he Molested Him

Shilpa, who till now has been accused of not participating in any task is out to prove that she is ‘in it to win it!’ Despite Hina’s pleading, Shilpa smashes the mug to pieces, thereby reducing Hina to inconsolable tears. Soon, Puneesh and Akash are in the limelight and face the meanness quotient of the Top 5. With the completion of the task, Arshi walks out of the house after declaring one of them as the winner of the task and the meanest person in the house!

Well, the biggest twist is about to unfold tonight as Bigg Boss announces a surprise midnight eviction. Shocked? Well, you heard it right, one contestant will have to bid adieu to Salman Khan’s show. After making it to the final mile, who do you think will be eliminated and leave the house tonight? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Watch this space for further updates on Bigg Boss 11.