Salman Khan‘s Bigg Boss 11, that premiered on October 1, is India’s biggest and the much-celebrated reality show and with it reaching its 11th season, the show got a lot more dramatic. The drama seems never-ending. I am sure the makers have done a lot of research before choosing these 18 contestants (which includes six celebrities and 12 commoners) as they knew that locking this lot inside the Bigg Boss house will bring juicier content, helping the show do well on the TRP chart.Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra-Pratik Sehajpal Get Into Physical Fight, Latter Says 'Sar Phadh Ke Jaunga'

While we have the most funniest character Akash Dadlani in the house, we have an annoying contestant Shilpa Shinde too. Shilpa leaves no stone unturned to pick a fight with the TV producer Vikas Gupta. We saw the two arguing on the premiere episode itself. After entering the house, they picked it up from where they had left onstage. After yesterday’s episode, it just got nastier. Though Vikas Gupta has been trying to mend ways with Shilpa Shinde, she continues to taunt him and irritate him by singing Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose for him. Also Read - Will Salman Khan Attend Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal's Wedding, Arpita Khan Reveals All

From sarcastically taking a dig at each other to calling each other names and abusing each other, things have just become worse. Tonight, their verbal spat will get even more nastier with Shilpa apparently abusing Vikas’ mother. Yes, that how bad it is going to get. According to a report on Twitter, Vikas will be infuriated with Shilpa’s behaviour and in order to get back at her, he will throw Shilpa’s clothes in the swimming pool. Woah! ALSO READ: (Bigg Boss 11 October 4 2017 Full Episode Written Update: Akash Dadlani Gets Playful With A Donkey; Shilpa Shinde-Vikas Gupta Have Yet Another Face Off) Also Read - Salman Khan's Forthcoming Docu-Series 'Beyond The Star' Will Show His Journey In Bollywood And Him As A Person Off Camera, Watch Video

Shilpa’s non-stop rant has bored her co-contestants and housemates are wondering if Shilpa and Vikas will ever stop fighting, but I believe the audience is definitely enjoying this, aren’t you? While all this madness was happening, Akash Dadlani had come up with a rap for both of them and entertained the housemates last night. Yesterday, we also saw how the Padosis saved Hina Khan from eviction and added Arshi Khan (who is being trolled on Twitter) and Bandgi Kalra in the danger zone with Zubair Khan, Jyoti Kumari and Shilpa Shinde (who had been nominated by their fellow contestants.)