Shilpa Shinde known for being a famous television actor and Bigg Boss 11 Winner had a much-publicised friction with Hina Khan who was also the runner-up when the winners were announced. The fights that this duo had had the nation divided at one point. Also Read - Namashi Chakraborty Talks About Salman Khan Launching Poster of His Movie Bad Boy

The famous tiff in-between these actresses became public and Shilpa talked about her dislike towards her very openly. Hina, however, was not as vocal as Shilpa about the whole ordeal. She did not talk about the infamous spats the two actresses faced while in the Bigg Boss house. Also Read - Hina Khan's Workout Tip: 'Wearing Stylish' Matters When You Sweat it Out

Shilpa though seems to want to move on as she recently posted on Twitter that suggested that she wanted to move forward leaving the bitterness behind. Also Read - When Salman Khan Was Asked to 'Catch And Smooch' Bhagyashree After Maine Pyaar Kiya Success

As per Hindustan Times, when she was asked whether she would like to be friends with Hina she was clear in her reply and said, “Not really. I had liked a video made by a fan which was a compilation of shots of Hina Khan from the reality show. It was funny. Hina’s fans got upset that I liked the video so I tweeted that they shouldn’t react so much. I don’t have any problem with Hina nor is she my competition. Our reality show is over, so what is the point of dragging things from the past and having our so-called fans fight over it? These fans point out stuff to us about who said what and who reacted how. I have asked all the fans — mine and Hina’s — to enjoy life and chill. Our industry is small and we might end up working together. Life is too short, so forgive, forget and move on.”

Bombay Times also asked Hina Khan about how she felt about the whole situation and she said, “If I have to work with Shilpa, I will be okay. I am very professional, I can work with my enemies, too. My habit of forgetting everything is a good quality. Also, none of the contestants are my enemies. Shilpa and I are different people and so is our approach towards life. I won’t be judgmental by saying who is good or bad. If I bump into her, I am definitely going to say hello to her, hug her and ask how she is doing.”

These comments from both the celebrities show that they want to move on from the whole drama of Bigg Boss and act professionally. However, we are still sitting on the edge of our seats, because drama doesn’t come with an announcement.