Bigg Boss continues play and pause game with the contestants. Bigg boss asks Dipika to play, she runs towards her husband Shoaib and hugs him. She makes him eat halwa and Shoaib gives her a rose. Bigg Boss asks Dipika to pause and ask Shoaib to leave the house. Deepika breaks down in tears and all contestants try to make her laugh. Sreesanth and Dipika talk about Shoaib. Meanwhile, Surbhi is upset that Shoaib gave so much respect to Sreesanth. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 October 21 Episode Major Highlights: Captaincy Task Breaks Friendships in The House

Romil, Deepak, and Somi talk about their relationship wrongly perceived by the viewers and Somi asks Romil to stop stretching the matter. Somi and Deepak get into the argument about talking about the issue over and over again and walks into the room. Deepak comes to Somi and wraps her in a blanket but she throws the blanket away and asks Deepak to leave. Also Read - Bigg Boss October 20 Episode Major Highlights: Hina, Gauahar Get Into Heated Argument With Sidharth, Rubina Wants To Quit

Next morning, all members of the house wake up on Khoon Choosle song from the film Go Goa Gone. Deepika and Sreesanth talk about Romil’s detachment with the family. Somi and Surbhi talk about the awkwardness between her and Romil and then discusses about whatever Romil’s wife Diksha said to her during her visit inside the house.

All contestants gather in the living area and Karanvir narrates the nomination task. The members of the house, whoever name is called will go inside the den and will be given a chance to save themselves from the nominations but only if they sacrifice whatever the ginny will ask them to do.

Sreesanth and Surbhi get into a heated argument. Rohit says he is a changed man after Weekend ka Vaar.

Bigg Boss calls Deepak inside the ginny den. Ginny ask Deepak that he is nominated but he can be safe only if Karanvir will destroy the toy given by his twin baby Bella. Karanvir breaks down into tears and destroys the pink toy. Deepak gets saved.

Somi goes next into the den. Ginny ask Somi to convince Rohit to nominate himself for the whole season. Rohit denies doing it. Somi gets nominated for this week’s eviction.

Rohit goes next inside the den. Ginny ask Rohit to convince Deepak to destroy his family picture. Deepak denies to crush his family picture and Rohit gets nominated for this week. Deepak and Surbhi get into an argument. Rohit, Surbhi, Somi, and Deepak discuss about the issue but ultimately Surbhi and Deepak continue with the argument.

Karanvir goes inside the den. Ginny ask Karanvir to convince Deepika to destroy Shoaib’s jacket. Deepika denies destroying the jacket but Deepak and Surbhi try to convince her. Karanvir gets nominated for this week. Sreesanth and Dipika discuss about her reason behind not saving Karanvir.

Karanvir and Surbhi discuss about Deepika denying saving him by destroying the Shoaib’s jacket.

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