In today’s episode, housemates wake up to the song, Sajan Radio. Romil Chaudhary is upset with Somi Khan for saving Surbhi Rana over him during the previous day task -Fire Station task. She tells him to move on, but he tells her that she broke his dream and it has hurt him a lot. Bigg Boss surprises everyone that the nominated contestants will get to participate in BB radio show. Also Read - Jasleen Matharu Married to Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota? See Viral Photo

Bigg Boss announces that there will be a chat show with radio jockey Malishka. The nominated contestants will get to explain audience about their side and to take benefit for more votes. Firstly, Dipika and Romil are called up. Also Read - I am Not a Virgin Either: Nehha Pendse's Reply to Trolls About Divorcee Hubby

Dipika and Romil are informed that they will be able to talk live with their fans. Mallishka questions them about the enmity they have between them. Dipika and Romil explain their views. Mallishka also agrees with Dipika about the overconfidence that Romil has.

Dipika is interrogated on her relationship with Sreesanth and Romil is asked why was he labelled as a back-stabber and his over-confidence.

Later Romil and Dipika interact with their fans. Dipika feels that Romil is ‘double-minded’. She also feels that Romil is unemotional. One of the fan ask Dipika whether she is planning to be in the show by tagging herself with Sreesanth who is very popular. Dipika explains about it. But Romil blames that Dipika-Sreesanth play as a sister and brother hiding their mistakes.

Somi and Deepak enter the radio station. Mallishka questions about the relation between Deepak and Somi. Somi and Deepak explain their side. Deepak explains why he doesn’t like the behaviour of Romil with Somi. Mallishka asks Deepak to sing a song for Somi. Deepak sings a song for her. Mallishka asks Deepak about strongness of Somi than other contestants.

Deepak explains the reason for that. A fan asks Deepak about his decision after the show is over as his father has rejected alliance with Somi. Somi feels that Deepak is caring. Deepak also compliments Somi for cooking, her caring nature.

According to Deepak, he will be with Romil in the final. Deepak is also questioned on his jealousy of Somi and Romil’s friendship.

Now it is Sreesanth and Karanvir’s turn to enter the radio station. Karanvir and Sreesanth’s did not abstain from arguing with each other even in the radio station. What upset them, was when a caller asked that why does Sreesanth always use derogatory language for Karanvir and why does everyone talk about Karanvir’s ‘Mahaanta’.

Karanvir was upset to know that Sreesanth said something ill about his father. So angry he was that he asked Sreesanth to maintain a distance from him till the time they are in the house, despite Sreesanth apologising to him.

Mallikshka asks KV about the relation of Sreesanth and Dipika as brother and sister. Kv feels that Dipika is shadowed by Sreesanth as he is a big celebrity whereas Sreesanth is proud of Dipika as a sister.

Sreesanth shares his feelings while on the chat show with Dipika. He cries a lot. Dipika consoles him. KV hurt for Sreesanth spoke about his father. Later Sreesanth apologizes to KV for going on his father. But KV says that he will not want to talk to Sreesanth for that.