The day starts with the BB School bus task to earn the lost prize money and captaincy nomination task. KV reads the rules of the captaincy nomination task. Megha, Jasleen and Dipika get to the planning of the task. Also Read - Anup Jalota Comments on Jasleen Matharu's 'Glamorous Dressing', Says he Wouldn't Have Married Her Even at 35

Surbhi Rana, KV, Deepak, Rohit are setting up a plan among themselves to win the task. All of them are standing in the queue. Sreesanth and Romil get into a huge fight. Others are waiting to grab onto a bag and then take a seat in the school bus. Rohit warns Sreesanth and says he will hit Sree. Both of them are engaged in their fight. Surbhi asks Rohit to leave the fight and play the game. Dipika loses her calm and got into a fight. She even said that using bad words in front of female contestants is not acceptable.

Surbhi then says Dipika should have interfered earlier. The alarm rings and the housemates are fighting to get into the room. KV ends up falling in the fight to grab the bags. Deepak is the first one to grab a seat on the bus. He has Romil’s bag. Dipika sits in the stairs of the bus to be the first. This angers Deepak. He too tries to stand on the staircase and this causes a fight among the housemates. As soon as the buzzer rang, Deepak ran out of the bus and submitted Romil’s bag which had Rs. 10,000.

Romil is appointed the sanchalak of the task. Dipika tries to warn Sreesanth to not to get into any fight and stay calm. Megha and Deepak are fighting over the rules of the game. Megha and Jasleen blame Deepak for pushing him. Romil tells Sreesanth that if he wants to do something, he should to it in the task and not outside the task. As the buzzer rang, Sreesanth stopped Rohit from entering the bus, which led to a huge fight. Surbhi asks Bigg Boss to eliminate Sreesanth.

In the second round, housemates again grab a bag along with a seat on the bus. Deepak gets off the bus first and Romil counts the money in his bag. Total amount till now is Rs 30,000. The tasks duration for the day is over.

Dipika loses her calm and breaks down. She sat on one corner. Megha came to her and tried to calm her. She doesn’t like when housemates use abusive language. Megha tries to convince Dipika and says we will no react to the happy club. Jasleen disagrees Dipika and says it’s difficult to be like this. They both argue.

KV cleared with Sreesanth about his comment of touching Dipika. He even clarifies with Dipika about the same. KV then apologises. Somi can be seen fighting with Jasleen. They argue over the behaviour in the task.

Somi looks jealous of Jasleen as she is getting lose to Romil. Somi goes to Romil to clarify. She apologises to Romil for what she said in the task. Romil says her comment hurt him. Jasleen and Somi get into an argument. Jasleen questions Somi’s comment on Romil despite being married. Somi tries to clarify the issue with Romil. Somi asks him to forgive her but Romil leaves the place. He further said to go and talk to your friends. They will take care of you.

Somi cries in front of KV and clarifies in front of Surbhi as well. Surbhi, on the other hand, gave suggestions to her that Romil is a diplomatic man. The happy club members discuss to throw Megha and Jasleen out of the task. Soni then says sorry to Jasleen for abusive comments.

Jasleen, Megha and Romil are talking to each other on the centre table and suddenly Megha starts crying. Romil asks her and she says she remembered a friend. He hugs her, and Jasleen tells him that he never does this to her when she is low. Jasleen confesses him that she found him cute in the second week.

A new day starts with Paisa Paisa song. Deepak says he will take Dipika, Megha and Jasleen’s bag. Deepak and Somi are talking about Romil. Somi says she doesn’t care about him. Deepak says that she feels jealous of Jasleen’s closeness with Romil. They are laughing with each other. Bigg Boss announces the task for today. The housemates gear up to grab a bag and a seat on the bus. Somi and Jasleen get into a fight.

Jasleen’s bag is out. Rohit can be seen passing comments on Sreesanth which is making him angry.

In tomorrow’s episode, Sreesanth will slap Rohit.

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