Surbhi has reacted again and starts crying as all the housemates come around her and console her. Surbhi then finds a good ally in Somi and takes her along with her to talk to her. Surbhi speaks her hearts out. Romil, on the other hand, feels Surbhi is reacting in such a manner to gain attention. Also Read - Trending News Today April 05, 2020: Priyank Sharma Creates 'Buzz' Across Internet, FINALLY Confirms Relationship With VJ Benafsha Soonawalla

Karanvir’s duration of the captain of the house comes to an end and now Shivashish and Romil will lock horns to become the new captain of the house. It is an interesting task where both of them will become television anchors of their own infotainment channel and as a host, they will tell why their opponent does not deserve to be the fizz captain. Other contestants can watch only one channel at a time and Karanvir will judge the task. Also Read - 'He is The Real God of Cricket': Sreesanth on Sachin Tendulkar

Sreesanth tells Karanvir that he will reveal dark secrets about Shivashish when he will go inside for the chat show. Shivashish first guest to his chat show is Surbhi and on the other hand, Romil has Srishti as his first guest on the chat show. Also Read - Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestant Rajith Kumar to Get Arrested For Putting Green Chilly Paste in Reshma's Eyes?


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Karanvir Bohra and Jasleen get into an argument with Deepak for snatching away the remote. Due to the fight, Bigg Boss snaps out the task. Bigg Boss then gives another task to the contestants for the captaincy task. During the task, Sreesanth covers Shivashish from getting drenched and meanwhile Deepak and Sreesanth get into the argument. Deepak and Srishti then put water on Romil. Bigg Boss then ask the contestants to not use any liquid material on Shivashish and Romil as they are not careful handling their mikes. Contestants then throw garbage and food on the Shivashish and Romil. Megha stops Deepak again from getting food from the fridge. Megha asks Deepak to ask for food from Bigg Boss. Deepak continues to ask for two eggs while Jasleen, Deepika, Megha, and Sreesanth stops him from getting it. Sreesanth then asks him to take just one egg from his food bucket.

Sreesanth targets Karanvir about having halwa during the task. Karanvir claims that halwa is only made for him by Deepika. Sreesanth finds it ridiculous that the halwa is only made for Kranvir and he is eating it while judging the task.

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Sreesanth locks himself inside the washroom after he is offended by Deepika only making halwa for Karanvir. As usual, Deepika and Srishti are trying to calm him down. Karanvir and Srishti were discussing about Sreesanth’s behaviour in the house.

Romil won the Captaincy task against Shivashish. Romil asks Bigg Boss to give him Appy Fizz fridge key and promises that no one will steel Appy Fizz from it. Kranvir Bohra cheekily signals not to give him the key and then Deepika, Shivashish, and Sreesanth settle down for dinner.

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