In Bigg Boss 12, housemates wake up to the song Chota Bacha Jaan Ke Na Koi Aankh Dekhana Re. Deepak and Romil tease Somi Khan and remind her of her mistakes. Somi blames Deepak of eve-teasing. Megha also supports Somi. Deepak asks Megha to support him in the captaincy task. Deepak asks Dipika to support him in the captaincy task. Deepak and Dipika discuss about Somi.  Karanvir announces the captaincy task titled Breaking news. In this task, housemates will be asked to disclose their secret. Also Read - Ready to Play For India in T20Is: Harbhajan Singh

Captain of the week task contenders are Surbhi and Deepak. Sweta Singh, a popular journalist and news presenter is the judge who will give them points for their reporting capabilities. Sweta starts the game by assigning them a task which is to reveal happenings from within the house as news breaks. Megha reveals an unknown fact in the show and said that she is just a wild-card entry in the show and not a participant. She also adds that she will go to the Women’s Council after the show and complain against Deepak and Somi for misbehaving with the girls in BB house. Also Read - Have no Relationship With Shahid Afridi From Now on: Harbhajan Singh After Former Pakistani Allrounder's Comment on Kashmir

Surbhi decides to break the news that Happy Club is no more. Surbhi’s news spreads in the house and everyone gives their comments supporting her speculation. Sweta decides to give the point to Surbhi. Also Read - I Don't Hate MS Dhoni or CSK, The Jersey Resembles Aus: Sreesanth

Deepak again goes to Megha to try and get some news. She says hat whet ever she said earlier, it is all fake of being a guest on the show. The lied so that Deepak loses the task. Megha and Deepak have a heated argument. Megha calls Deepak a loser. Megha threatens Deepak and spits at him and then throws her shoes at him. Megha locks herself in the washroom. Sweta praises Deepak and gives one point to him in the second round.

Jasleen and Somi get into a heated argument. Deepak asks Karanvir and Srishty about the negative vibes, as the celebrities feel the presence of a ghost in the house. Meanwhile, Megha is upset with the act and cries with the blanket on. She blames everyone for targeting her. Sweta gives point to Deepak and Surbhi.

To make Surbhi the captain of the house, Sreesanth reveals about the time when he was slapped by Harbajjan Singh. He opens up about his misunderstanding with Harbhajan Singh. The slap was not actually a slap but it was a punch. He clears the rumors and says Bhaji pa and I sorted the differences at that time only and are in touch. He even wished my child and wife on Twitter.

Sweta says this piece of information shared by Surbhi is a huge breaking news not only in the show but for all the cricket fans around the world. Sweta gives the point to Surbhi and she becomes the new captain of the house.