Jasleen Matharu confronts Surbhi and says that as a captain she should play the game fair. She also says that she has changed over the past few days. Sreesanth breaks down in tears while talking about the match-fixing allegations against him. Deepika and Jasleen try to calm him down. Karanvir and Somi discuss about Deepika and Sreesanth’s game in Bigg Boss house. They say that they both live in their own world. Also Read - Karnataka Man Strangles Leopard to Death in Battle of Survival, Hailed as Real Life George Kutty

Contestants wake up to Dhoom Machale song. Somi talks about Deepak to Dipika while Deepak and Surbhi talk about Bigg Boss contestants. Bigg Boss warns Rohit to wear his mic and Surbhi punishes him by asking him to do dishes for the day. Surbhi and Rohit get into a heated argument. Somi gets angry and says she motivates him when he gets lazy.

Bigg Boss announces the LOC task to decide the nominations this week. The contestants are divided into two teams. Surbhi being the captain is given the choice to nominate whoever she wants. Every contestant has a bunk of the contestant in the garden area and Surbhi has to blow the bunk of the contestant she wants to nominate.

Surbhi blows Jasleen’s bunk. Then Surbhi nominates Rohit and Somi.

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