Bigg Boss 12 Latest Update: Contestants wake up to Tummhi Ho Bandhu song. Sreesanth and Romil discuss about Deepak and Rohit. Jasleen clarifies to Romil and Megha that she cannot change as a person and then asks Rohit that if the way he is playing the game is right. Rohit says that he is trying to improve. Romil tells Somi that she plays the mind games and should not back-stab him when the time comes. Somi clarifies to Romil that she did not defend Deepak and she was just trying to be on the right side. Somi gets upset with Romil. Also Read - Sreesanth's Wife Bhuvneshwari Celebrates End of Ban For Spot-Fixing in IPL

Bigg Boss 12 November 28 Written Update: Sreesanth Calls Rohit ‘Piece of S**t’ And Tries to Hit Him

Bigg Boss 12 November 28 Written Update: Sreesanth Calls Rohit ‘Piece of S**t’ And Tries to Hit Him

Bigg Boss announces that the contestants need to nominate four people for the captaincy task. Jasleen and Somi do not take part in the discussion and cannot be the captain as they were unsuccessful to take the final decision during the luxury budget task. Also Read - S Sreesanth's IPL Spot-fixing Ban Ends, Aims to Play Cricket 5-7 Years For 'Any Team'

Contestants discuss about who will be nominated for the captaincy task. Surbhi, captain of the house, announces that Deepika, Deepak, Romil, and Surbhi are the contenders for the captaincy task. Discussion creates chaos in the house.

Deepika reads out the captaincy task to the members of the house. Dipika chose Megha, Romil chose Jasleen, Deepak chose Karanvir and Surbhi chose Rohit to protect their sword. Somi is judging the task. Surbhi taunts Sreesanth for not protecting the sword for Deepika. All the contestants come to the garden area. Romil and Deepak get into a heated argument. Deepika and Sreesanth get into a fight with Surbhi and Romil. Deepika tells Rohit that he doesn’t know how to respect a woman. On the other side, Karanvir and Deepak discuss about the fight and Surbhi’s game strategy.

Bigg Boss announces a change in the task and says that after the intervals, the buzzer will ring, after which one protector of the sword will be out of the game with majority votes of other contestants.

Sreesanth and Surbhi once again get into an argument. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that they should take the decision as per game rules otherwise the task will be cancelled. All contestants start fighting and Bigg Boss cancels the task and announces that in the next week, no member of the house will be a captain. Surbhi and Karanvir discuss about Sreesanth’s behaviour during the task.

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