Bigg Boss contestants wake up to Nayak Nahi Khalnayak Hu song. Deepak tells Jasleen that he will take her name for elimination and both get into an argument. Jasleen taunts Deepak that Somi was not able to take a decision during captaincy task but he will still take Jasleen’s name ignoring that fact. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 October 21 Episode Major Highlights: Captaincy Task Breaks Friendships in The House

Bigg Boss 12 November 29 Written Update: Captaincy Task Gets Cancelled, Sreesanth And Surbhi Get Into Heated Argument

Bigg Boss 12 November 29 Written Update: Captaincy Task Gets Cancelled, Sreesanth And Surbhi Get Into Heated Argument

Sreesanth and Romil get into a heated argument with Surbhi. She rbhi tries to provoke Sreesanth by taunting him on match-fixing allegations. Deepika stands in between Surbhi and Sreesanth. Surbhi then goes on and questions the relationship between Deepika and Sreesanth and claims that Deepika is not his sister. Sreesanth tells Rohit that it was wrong on Surbhi’s part to question Deepika and his relationship. Meanwhile, Surbhi accepts that she will keep provoking Sreesanth. She comes inside the house and starts arguing with Sreesanth again. Surbhi continues to poke Sreesanth. Also Read - Bigg Boss October 20 Episode Major Highlights: Hina, Gauahar Get Into Heated Argument With Sidharth, Rubina Wants To Quit

Deepika tries to make Sreesanth understand that he should stop reacting and he takes off his mike. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to take the name of the three members who deserve the jail punishment. During the discussion, Deepak, Sreesanth, Surbhi and Deepak get into a heated argument. Sreesanth, Surbhi and Deepak get the jail punishment and Bigg Boss asks them to go to the jail. Sreesanth refuses to go inside the jail. However, he later agrees. Surbhi and Sreesanth once again get into an argument. Sreesanth accepts to Deepika that the word ‘characterless’ used for Surbhi was unintentional and he didn’t mean it. Karanvir announces the Amul Body Warmer task and Jasleen is asked to be the judge.

Rohit, Karanvir and Romil sit on the ice and on the other hand, Somi starts breaking Surbhi’s ice while Deepika and Megha start breaking the ice of Sreesanth. As a result, Sreesanth comes out of the jail. Bigg Boss calls Megha inside the secret room and asks her to cut the lemon and insert needles in it. The task is that she has to convince all the members of the house that there is a bad spirit in the house.

Rohit tells Romil that he is playing a dirty game. Romil and Somi discuss about Deepak and Rohit. Somi tries to solve the fight between Romil and Deepak. Rohit blames Romil that he stares at people in the house.

After Bigg Boss members sleep, Megha completes her secret task. After keeping the lemons, she makes up a story that she felt that somebody tried to strangle her and she woke up scared. She goes and sleeps with Jasleen and narrates the story to her. Jasleen wakes up in the middle of the night and finds the needles inserted in a lemon.

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