Sreesanth realises his mistake and tries to make Deepak understand why he rubbed his name during the task. The former cricketer cries in the washroom and Dipika Kakkar calms him down. Bigg Boss announces that the luxury budget task is over. Also Read - Sreesanth in IPL 2021 Chorus Grows After Kerala Pacer Picks Five Wickets Against Uttar Pradesh in Vijay Hazare Game

Shivashish and Deepak are announced as the contenders of captaincy. Also Read - Vijay Hazare Trophy: Sreesanth Claims Five-Wicket Haul as Kerala Beat Uttar Pradesh

Deepak tells Surbhi that Sreesanth apologises to him. Also Read - Sreesanth Extends Support For Sachin Tendulkar After India Legend Faces Criticism on Twitter For Farmers Protest, Calls Him 'Pride of India'

Housemates wake up to the tune of Gupt. Deepak urges Jasleen and Sourabh to support him during captaincy. Romil and Sreesanth get into verbal spat over a charger.
Shreesanth refuses to do household work saying that he is not well.

Karanvir reads the captaincy task, ‘Sansani Secrets’ in which Bigg Boss will reveal the secrets of housemates. Deepak and Shivashish have to guess the maximum right answers to win. Housemates can guide or misguide the two competitors.

The first secret is, “I have dated my colleague’s girlfriend due to which my relationship spoiled with him.”

Shivashish presses the buzzer and takes Sree’s name. Bigg Boss announces that his answer is correct.

The second secret is, “I have learned abuses at the age of 4-5 years.”

Shivashish presses the buzzer first and takes Surbhi’s name. Bigg Boss declares his answer incorrect after which Deepak take Urvashi’s name and wins a point for his correct answer.

The third secret is, “I have a relation with a celebrity and my partner is not aware of it.”
Shivashish wins after taking Jasleen’s name.

Sreesanth and Surbhi get into argument.

The fourth secret, “My girlfriend was jealous of my ex-girlfriend. She tried to record my phone and even did black magic on me.”

Deepak wins as he takes Karanvir’s name.