As the week comes to an end, the Bigg Boss 12 house is full of fights. From Shivashish Mishra being chosen as the new captain to Dipika Kakar, Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana being sent to the Kaalkothri, the show has taken a chaotic form as housemates target each other for their own advantage. On Saturday, October 20, it is weekend ka vaar. Salman Khan gives everyone taste of their own medicine. He starts with congratulating Shivashish on becoming the captain of the house. Salman appreciates Deepak’s effort but also tells him that he failed to acknowledge when Saba told him that it was her secret. Salman advises him that he should listen next time. Also Read - Shocking Transformation of Celebrities With Makeup, See Their Before And After Look - PICS

Salman Khan then addresses Sreesanth quitting the Ghoda Gaadi task. Sreesanth tells everyone that he has had 12 toe surgeries so he didn’t push himself. Salman questions Surbhi and asks her opinion. Surbhi calls Sreesanth attention seeker. She says that he holds grudge against people at the same time he bond with people and thus he can’t pick which side he should go. She says that he pretended about pain in his leg. She says he doesn’t contribute to any task. Also Read - When Wasim Akram Compared Virat Kohli to Salman Khan!

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Salman also questions his sportsman spirit and says that he should not quit. Sreesanth says that he has to take special care of his toe after the surgeries. Surbhi says that it feels that it is Sreesanth’s strategy to fake pain in every task.

Salman asks the contestants why they behave differently when Sreesanth gets angry and when Surbhi loses her temper. Jasleen clarifies she is afraid of Surbhi as she even abuses the person who tries to calm her down but Sreesanth listens to the person. Salman reveals that Surbhi did not smoke in the bathroom. Romil adds that no one should accuse anyone unless they have seen them doing the deed with their own eyes. On hearing this, Surbhi gets emotional and thanks Salman.

The Appy Fizz caller asks Jasleen why she has formed a group with people who have the minimum onscreen presence. Jasleen says she has no such strategy of forming a group in the house and is playing her individual game.

Salman Khan announces Srushty Rode is safe this week, she will not walk out of the house.

Salman asks housemates about who they think is the biggest gunehgaar of the week who will be sent to torture room. The majority names Surbhi and she is sent to torture room. Surbhi refuses to go to torture room as she is a vegetarian and can’t sit with a fish. Salman Khan the asks her to name someone else. So, Romil volunteers to go to Torture room.