The second day into the Bigg Boss house and it is already rid with controversies and fights between the housemates. While Siddhartha Dey’s over-frank shayar andaz miffed “malkin” Ameesha Patel, Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz knew no chills as they locked horns more often than not on the first day itself. Day 2 sees Rashami Desai take a step towards reconciliation with Siddharth Shukla while we also see sparks fly between Paras and Shehnaz.Also Read - Bigg Boss 13 Highlights: Siddhartha Dey's Frankness Offends Ameesha Patel, Paras Chhabra Massages His Ego

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  • Going inside the house, the housemates collect together on the table to accuse Shehnaz and Paras for the lack of ration. Rashami tells everyone how she, Siddharth and Devoleena measure out the ration whenever they cook. Paras too shifts the blame on Shehnaz saying that she doesn’t listen to him. Shehnaz takes Arti aside to reveal that she doesn’t understand rationing. Arti shouts on her instead and sides with the housemates. Shehnaz accuses the housemates of cornering her. She goes out in tears.

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  • Arti tells Paras and Dalljiet how Shefali walked out of the room calling her and Siddharth lovebirds. Siddharth calls Shefali out to interrupt their gossip session and enjoys how the latter flares up.
  • Koena is seen asking Shehnaz if she feels attracted to Paras which she denies and says she was just having “masti” while Dalljiet and Devoleena are seen discussing with Paras if Shehnaz is actually serious about him. Dalljiet tells Paras to stop fooling around while Devoleena feels that Shehnaz already loves him.
  • Shehnaz is seen flaunting the number of calories she burnt that day while Paras flirts with her saying that a kiss burns 8k calories. He cheekily asks her how many calories he should burn for her. Asim for a change is seen backing him up while Shehnaz blushes. Seeking attention, Mahira, who stood watching their conversation, pokes in to ask why Asim and Paras were not fighting but immediately shuts up when paras jokingly threaten to throw her in the pool. Asim backs his threat and promises to help him.
  • Asim and Paras lock horns unnecessarily over evening tea. The girls try to solve it while Paras gets abusive. Arti defends Asim saying that she had not seen him drink tea since morning.

  • Paras is seen egging Rashami to polish connections with Siddharth since audience would love to see them forge similar connections that they shared as on-screen couple on their previous television serial.

  • Inside the storeroom, Shefali and Paras are seen sorting their fight where Shefali breaks into tears and Paras consoles her. He hugs her and calls her a strong girl.
  • Mahira hears out Paras as he goes on to gossip about other girls and says that had Arti votes for him, he would have saved her. Mahira flaunts that she would not have been eliminated anyway. Paras cribs about “all bombs falling” on his head and Mahira uplifts his mood saying that such things happen with strong contestants only.

  • Paras calls Shefali over-emotional and says he dislikes such people. Shefali calls him dual-faced and says that she was wrong in judging him. Paras accuses her of spoiling his image.
  • Going inside the house, Shefali corners Paras and asks him when has she been a cry baby. She accuses Paras of showing his other side. With the masks falling now, the two lock horns inside the house while Shehnaz, Asim and Abu try to console a crying Siddhartha in the garden.
  • Paras nominates Rashami for elimination round for having the least connection with her and Shefali for being a cry baby. He also nominates Koena for having an eye on his clothes. This miffs Bigg Boss who asks him to be more serious and give a more stern answer. Paras lastly nominates Dalljiet and ends up saving Mahira.
  • Siddharth saves Arti while tears up Devoleena’s heart.
  • Bigg Boss surprises the housemates by calling it their first nomination round and asks the three boys to nominate one girl for nomination which will land them in the elimination round.
  • Shehnaz gives her heart to Abu and manages to lighten him up.

  • Arti gives her heart to Siddharth after seeing his new side on day 2. Devoleena too gives her heart to her kitchen-partner, Siddharth. Dalljiet gives her heart to Paras.
  • Rashmi gives her heart to Paras for feeling comfortable while talking to him. Koena too gives her heart to Paras for being nice to all housemates and being the life of the Bigg Boss house. Shefali also ends up giving her heart to Paras for connecting well and being straight-forward. Mahira feels she connects well with Paras and ends up giving her heart to Paras.
  • Bigg Boss addresses the housemates in the lawn and calls Siddharth, Paras and Abu forward to sit on the stools lined separately. The three will receive hearts from the girls they have managed to impress so far. Since Asim and Siddhartha earned black hearts from Ameesha, they are debarred from this task.
  • In the dressing room, Siddharth and Abu are seen discussing about the ration when the latter takes Siddhartha’s side. paras comes in to ask them to dispose the leftovers from their plates. Siddharth tells Paras about Siddhartha getting annoyed with him.
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  • Siddharth and Siddhartha lock horns over the lunch table.
  • Shehnaz is seen discussing the intricacies of a love connection while Arti openly tells her that Paras was genuinely trying to approach her and not bluffing. Shehnaz denies feeling love or flirtatious connections with him. Arti agrees saying that no such strong connections can be developed within two days.

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