The third episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with Shehnaz Gill and Paras Chhabra locking horns over the issue of tea. Shehnaz asks Asim to have tea before taking a bath while getting irritated on monitoring the ration every few minutes. Bigg Boss then hands them the task of playing patients and hospital staff where the housemates are divided into two teams. Also Read - Watch Tony Kakkar's New Sexist Song - Tera Suit - Starring Jasmin Bhasin And Aly Goni

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  • Paras and Siddhartha demand a kiss from Shehnaz before sleeping. She denies which hurts Paras’ ego who goes on to say that he will be really upset if she refuses and eggs her on by saying he’ll fetch one from Mahira to make her jealous. Shehnaz doesn’t seem to get irked which pisses off Paras further and he challenges Shehnaz to kiss him on the lips if he gets a peck from Mahira on his cheeks. Shehnaz says that if such a thing happens, she will plant a peck on his heart.
  • A turn of affairs show Siddhartha swooning over Mahira. Asim teases him saying that Mahira just went touching a pillar and Siddhartha goes on to kiss the spot where the model was pointing.
  • Siddharth counsels Arti for breaking into tears at Shefali’s words. He calls her a loser.
  • Rashami and Arti are taken inside to listen to demeaning statements by Shefali and Shehnaz. Shefali takes a dig at Arti’s failed marriage and reduces her to tears. Shefali consoles her reminding her it is just a task. Shehnaz starts beating herself just to make Rashami get up but she refuses to. The buzzer sounds for the task to end after which the four girls hug and kiss each other to apologise.

  • Koena starts puking. Shehnaz tells Mahira that if the patients puke, she should pick it from the floor and feed them back the same stuff. The buzzer sounds for the task to get over when Koena is drinking water and Siddhartha is eating raw bitter guard.
  • Mahira and Dalljiet take Koena and Siddhartha inside the operation theatre where they feed them aloe vera, raw eggs, bitter guard, chillies and other weird stuff. Mahira goes on to feed Koena with flour mixed with veet hair removal cream while Dalljiet asks for peeled garlic and salt.
  • Arti starts shouting at Shefali for going inhuman with the task.
  • Shehnaz promises to give Siddhartha Dey a kiss on the check if he goes clean shave. She says she has had enough of bearded-Punjabi guys and would not shy from giving him a peck if as a part of the task.
  • Paras pokes fun at Asim for backing out of the task with an excuse of skin infection. He goes on to abuse Asim when he comes shoulder to shoulder with the casanova.
  • Paras puts a slab of ice on Siddharth’s neck and between his legs when Rashami Desai and Arti Singh start screaming that it is wrong. Paras removes the block of ice from between Siddharth’s legs while Devoleena places two blocks under his feet.
  • Siddharth and Asim are taken inside the operation theatre. While Mahira gives Asim waxing, Devoleena waxes Siddharth’s legs and Paras dumps cow dung on him from head to toe.

  • Asim wants to go to the washroom but can’t walk as per the rule of the game. Shehnaz carries him in a wheelchair where he jokingly asks her to help him inside too.

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