Bigg Boss 13: Tonight’s episode begins with Siddharth asking for clarification about their plan of making Bhao their captain and saving Rashami. Shefali says that Bhao said that he will save Rashami and Rashmi accepts that she will be getting targetted. Rashami walks out of the room after Siddharth taunts her. Asim interrupts and says why he is getting so aggressive on a small thing. Asim says that Siddharth wanted to provoke Devoleena so that she and Rashami get into a fight. Siddharth and Asim get into a fight again. Vishal and Devoleena too get into an argument. Siddharth threatens Asim. Siddharth pushes away Asim and Shehnaaz gives slang to Asim and tells Siddharth that he wants him to hit him. Shehnaaz too pushes Asim away.Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT Winner: Divya Agarwal Becomes First Ever Winner Of Karan Johar-Hosted Show

Shefali and Shefali too get into a fight and blame each other for provoking Siddharth and Asim. Siddharth too blames Shefali for provoking inmates in the house and making them fight. Devoleena breaks down into tears after Vishal breaks her trust. She then gets into a fight with Siddharth and tries to clarify the misunderstanding. Vishal and Devoleena also get into a heated argument. Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT Grand Finale: Pratik Sehajpal Takes The Cash Filled Suitcase, Becomes First Bigg Boss 15 Confirmed Contestant

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Asim comes to Siddharth in the garden area and threatens him. Siddharth pushes Asim away once again and Vishal intervenes to stop the fight. Bigg Boss warns them to talk by keeping distance and not get into a physical fight. Siddharth tells Paras that he provokes Asim to come and fight with him and he asks Asim to clarify this thing. Asim comes out and once again get into a heated argument. Shehnaaz says that Asim wants him to get aggresive and get eliminated from the house. Paras and Mahira say that Shefali is provoking them to fight. Arti Singh clarifies that Shefali is not provoking anybody. Arti also gets into an argument with Mahira and Paras. Arti blames Shehnaaz for putting fire and igniting inmates.

Devoleena screams at top of her voice and calls Vishal a liar. Vishal gets agitated and Mahira and Paras blame Rashami for making Vishal and Devoleena fight. Siddharth and Shefali try to clarify the misunderstanding. Shefali blames Paras for making Siddharth and Asim fight. Paras intervenes and tries to clarify his stance. Himanshi intervenes and starts arguing with Paras. Paras get into an argument with Himanshi Khurana and Hindustan Bhao pushes him away. Mahira and Arti too get into a fight. Paras apologises to Hindustan Bhao for pushing him away. Himanshi talks to Asim about Paras having an ego. Asim taunts Paras for body-shaming Himanshi and says that he has no interest in touching Himanshi.

Paas and Himanshi apologise to each other and sort out the things. On the other hand, Siddharth tells Shehnaaz that she is wrong in playing games and provoking inmates. Vishal tells Siddharth that he should have not pushed Asim away so hard. Vishal mimicks Asim when he came too close to Siddharth during the fight.

The next day, contestants wake up to ‘Tu Kheech Meri Photo’ song. Shehnaaz talks to Devoleena about her and Siddharth’s friendship. She says she will not ditch Siddharth no matter what happens. Devoleena talks to Arti about whatever Shehnaaz talked to her about. Then Arti goes and tells Siddharth about Shehnaaz.

Siddharth and Shehnaaz have an adorable moment together and Siddharth tries to convince Shehnaaz and makes her smile. She complains to Shehnaaz that she doesn’t like Arti resting on her bed. Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task. Bigg Boss asks  Vikas’s team to choose two members and Paras’ team has to choose two. Devoleena, Paras, and Vishal discuss who to choose as a captain. Rashami tells Shehnaaz that she can’t trust her as she flips. Shehnaaz says she doesn’t want Hindustani Bhao not be the captain. Mahira says that she doesn’t want Devoleena to be nominated as a captain. Paras says to nominate Devoleena and Vishal. Paras plans that he will make the task ‘ragdh’ and so Shehnaaz will become the captain. Siddharth tells Shehnaaz to take the decision of being the captain of the house. Hindustani Bhao says that he will save Rashami. Paras tells Devoleena that Shehnaaz can be the captain and it will be entertaining. Inmates nominates Shehnaaz and Hindustani Bhao for the captaincy task.

Shefali and Hindustani Bhao convince Siddharth to nominate Himanshi and Asim. Siddharth asks Shehnaaz, Paras, Vishal if it’s a good decision and they ask him to get yourself nominated rather. Contestants begin with the captaincy task. Shefali disqualifies Shehnaaz for leaving the hall room just before the task. Shehnaaz and Himanshi get into a physical fight. Inmates blame Shefali for being biased.

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