Today’s episode starts with Salman Khan’s entry in the show. He shows his anger on the contestants of the show and told the audience that this season’s most disappointment decision was hosting the show. He says he has often asked Sidharth Shukla to control his anger but he is not ready to listen. About Asim he says, he could not take one compliment he gave to him last week. However, he maintains his calm and decides not to make anyone understand. Also Read - Salman Khan Donates 1 Lakh FRSH Sanitisers to Mumbai Police, CM Uddhav Thackeray And Others Hail The Move

After going live on V TV, Salman tells the contestants to keep up their wrong and unsophisticated behavior with themselves and continues that he does not care anymore as he is ending all the personal connection now. “This week was the worst week in terms of fights in the history of Bigg Boss,” said Salman. Also Read - Namashi Chakraborty Talks About Salman Khan Launching Poster of His Movie Bad Boy

Salman tells that every year, there is a format of the show which includes fights, but in this season, all the contestants overdid it. Trying to make the housemates understand the value of Bigg Boss, Salman says Bigg boss is a very big platform to showcase one’s true personality and one can get a chance to do better work once they come out of the house depending on how they’re perceived. Also Read - When Salman Khan Was Asked to 'Catch And Smooch' Bhagyashree After Maine Pyaar Kiya Success

Salman Khan tells the contestants that this is neither a school nor a remand home where they need to be lectured or changed constantly. He starts the conversation about the whole week’s behaviour. He starts with Himanshi. He says she was not to be seen anywhere in the first week, and in the second week, she pushed Shehnaz for no reason and no provocation. Also, he tells her he won’t take any excuse. Later, Himanshi apologises.

Salman Khan tells Bhau that ‘Thank God I was not in the house’.

Salman Khan calls Sidharth and Asim into the khatghara (witness box)Salman asks Mahira who was present in the kitchen about what happened and she says it all started over an apple and an orange. Sana started laughing and Salman got angry. Then, Salman tells Sidharth that if he wants to fight, he should once he is outside.

Salman tells Sidharth if he thinks he is too strong, he should either invite Salman inside the house or should himself outside so that they can decide who is stronger. He also asks Shukla if he plans to take retirement after Bigg Boss because his actions prove so. Salman asks Shefali whether Asim is her ‘chela’. Shefali said that she tried to bridge the gap between Asim and Sidharth. Asim gives an explanation to Salman. He revealed why he is no more with the actor. He mentioned that he never asked Sidharth to save him from nominations. Asim also stated that Sidharth used to insult him often. Shehnaaz tells Salman that Asim purposely comes and gets into everyone’s face in order to provoke the other person.

Salman Khan asks Asim what are the issues he has and he says that Sidharth has always made him the butt of jokes in front of a lot of other housemates. He also tells Salman about how Sidharth did not support him in the demon’s task. He claims that Sidharth came and talked to him and they kind of sorted things. Asim tells Salman that Sidharth is jealous of his bonding with Himanshi and Shefali. Sidharth says that he was actually joking on Himanshi on her cream and diamond ring and not meant for Asim.

Salman tells Shukla that he talks very aggressively during tasks and both of them to control their aggression and taunts them asking what will they present in their next fight together as they have already abused and pushed each other. Later on, Himanshi cries and argues over Sidharth’s accusations that she flashes her rings.

Salman tells Shefali that her decision was not fair and as a sanchalak she has no right to give any advice. Shefali explains her point of view and apologizes saying that it was her error in the judgment. Shefali denied the same when Bigg Boss asked her. Salman asks Vishal if Shefali was unfair and he agrees.

Here comes the caller of the week for Himanshi. The question asked is – how she keeps bitching about Shehnaaz behind her and telling everyone that she does not care about Shehnaaz. Himanshi tells her that she was compelled to tell everyone about her and Shehnaaz’s fight. The caller tells Himanshi that it was she who abused Shehnaaz’s father first and that is when Shehnaaz attacked Himanshi’s parents. Himanshi also clarifies that she has nothing for Sidharth Shukla and that she was guilty of not trusting Shukla.

Asim and Sidharth Shukla called in Sultani Akhada but after interference by makers, Himanshi and Shehnaaz are invited to fight.

Himanshi and Shehnaaz play two rounds in Sultani Akhada, a verbal fight, and a physical fight. In the verbal fight, each one of them gets a chance to tell why they deserve to be in the show and other housemates have to decide for them. Both Shehnaz and Himanshi get equal votes. In the physical fight, Himanshi wins twice.

Sidharth Shukla and Rashami are safe this week.