The episode starts with the fight between Devoleena and Asim as they get into a big fight over who will cook the food first in the kitchen. While Shehnaaz and Arti support Asim, Mahira and Rashami stand in support of Devoleena. Paras Chhabra is planning to go back to Shehnaaz Gill and Rashami claims that she will stop talking to him if he goes back to Sana. Also Read - Bigg Boss Contestant Digangana Suryavanshi Attacked By Peacock, Fans Can't Stop Laughing | WATCH

Today’s episode resumes with Snakes and Ladder task and we can see Paras, Rashami and Mahira argue about last night’s game. Also Read - Rubina Dilaik Opens-up About Heartbreaks, Says 'Have Had Many But Emerged Stronger'

The three of them fight over the way each other ruined it. Devoleena faces the heat by Asim and Shehnaaz who want to cook their breakfast. She asks them to wait and continue their cooking after she is done making lunch. After some time, they even throw utensils on each other. Also Read - Rimi Sen: Bigg Boss Doesn't Help Your Career, Fame is Just For One Year | Exlcusive

Devoleena says that she will cook only for her team members. Rashami tries to convince her to cook for everyone, but she refuses. Asim on the other hand, starts making his own breakfast but Devoleena doesn’t allow him because she is cooking for her own teammates. The two start arguing, and Shehnaaz backs him up. Devoleena drops a pan full of oil.

Siddharth Dey reveals Siddharth Shukla’s plans to Rashami, Shefali, Mahira and Paras. The housemates plan to break each other’s ladder and execute their plan as the buzzer rings. Asim is in angry mode till now and throws a ball of mud on Shefali. Siddharth Shukla lock horns with Rashami and Mahira. The girls threaten him to stay away and do not push.

Bigg Boss tells the contestants that they have ruined the game like every time and asks them to continue it with sincerity and determination. He also tells Siddharth Shukla, Mahira and Devoleena to not get aggressive during the task. Bigg Boss appreciates the girls for trying to keep the game going, and scolds Sidharth Shukla.

Bigg Boss warns everyone about taking forward the task in an ethical way or facing consequences. Then he calls Shehnaaz to the confession room. Shehnaaz asks Bigg Boss if she really got slapped by Devoleena because the others are saying so but she didn’t feel it. Bigg Boss tells her if she really got slapped, she would have felt it.

As Arti Singh, who is the sanchalak, takes an unfair decision of giving Shehnaaz the chance to roll the dice, other housemates lash out on her. As Shehnaaz Gill follows Siddharth Dey everywhere to irritate him, he makes some comments on her character.

He says that Shehnaaz loves touching other people. He says, ‘tujhe shauk hai doosron ko haath lgane ka’. Mahira Sharma and Shefali Bagga attack Arti Singh as she tries to make her snake. Shehnaaz Gill comes forward to support her. This results in a big catfight among the girls. Then Shefali screams out her frustration on Arti Singh and Shehnaaz. She tells Shehnaaz that she finds reasons to touch other people and questions her character. Shehnaaz gives her straightforward replies but she looks affected by her words.