Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 shows Shehnaz Gill dancing in a sultry manner before Siddharth Shukla near the pool. Paras Chhabra on the other end claims before Arti Singh and Dalljiet Kaur about there being a clash of opinions between him and Shehnaz which does not mean that there is no love. The two girls, however, tell him that they think he is only playing a game on the show. Shehnaz gossips about Mahira Sharma to Asim. Also Read - Sidharth Shukla Goes Down on His Knees to Click Picture With Physically Challenged Fan, Wins Hearts

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  • Drawing everyone’s attention, Dalljiet dares the housemates to drag her son’s name in between any future tasks.
  • Koena calls Asim an “ungrateful man” while he tries to make her understand that it was not personal. Not ready to listen, Koena calls Asim a fake person while cussing Abu too and saying that she will take things personally.
  • With four contestants left now, Bigg Boss asks Abu and Asim to make a combined decision whether they want to save Koena or Devoleena. Devoleena tries to win the boys hearts by praising Asim’s body and handing a flower to Abu for his singing. Koena gets nominated for elimination by the boys.
  • Dalljiet is seen discussing with Asim about Siddhartha uneccessarily dragging her son in between while Shefali is seen suggesting that to Siddhartha that he should have nominated her as the audience’s votes would have saved her. To this Siddhartha says that she should just sit back and see how he will remove all the thorns one by one from her path.
  • Shefali and Dalljiet are called next to fight out their cases before Siddhartha Dey. Siddhartha behaves like a typical Romeo and hands over a bouquet to Shefali who pulls out a flower from it and hands it over to him while confessing that she really likes him. Siddhartha accuses everyone for cornering him in the previous episode and says that Dalljiet’s fairness will trickle down to her son as she will not like it when a gang surrounds her son. He nominates Dalljiet for elimination.
  • Arti and Rashami are called on the window next to fight out their case before Siddharth Shukla. He nominates Rashami for saying that she will try to know him more whereas Arti said that within a few days she got a lot to bond with him. Coming inside, Rashami hits Siddharth with a cushion for nominating him.
  • Rashami and Devoleena are seen discussing Paras and Shehnaz’ chemistry while Siddharth tries to console a low Paras in the garden area.
  • Coming inside, Shehnaz and Paras hug each other and break into tears. Seeing both of them cry, Arti tries to lighten up the situation while giving her piece of mind to Shehnaz separately. Abu too tries to tell Shehnaz that she hurt Paras feelings by her ego and raw words.
  • Paras accusses Shehnaz of insecurity as he doesn’t feel the same way when she talks to other guys. Shehnaz goes on to say that if she ever has a boyfriend, she will not allow him to talk to other girls. Mahira confesses that she will remain loyal throughout while Shehnaz goes raw to say that she is not loyal to anyone. Paras gets pissed and says that she is not the only one to have feelings, others have a heart to. Saying this, he slams the window shut on her face and nominates her for elimination.
  • Shefali reads out the next task by Bigg Boss which involves the boys to nominate one girl for elimination from the two choices given to them. The first to be put on the two open windows to fight their case out are Mahira and Shehnaz while Paras gets to choose who he will save.
  • Inside the bedroom, Shehnaz confesses to Arti how Paras is intentionally making her jealous by being frank with other girls. Siddharth points out that Shehnaz is evidently jealous and Arti backs his claim while saying that Shehnaz has been lying to her.
  • Paras flirts with Shefali which makes Shehnaz jealous but Siddharth comes to her side. Paras challenges to Shefali that he will make Shehnaz cry by the next day. In the dressing room, Shehnaz hides and listens to Arti and Paras’ conversation about her.
  • Siddhartha Dey and Koena are seen resolving their issue after which he apologises to her. Koena tells Dalljiet how Shehnaz twisted and presented her case before Siddhartha to create misunderstandings between them.
  • Mahira sorts out issues with Shehnaz and clears that she and Paras are just friends and nothing more while the “sanskaari casanova” is taken aback seeing them huddled together in a corner. He walks up to them and tries to tell Shehnaz how strongly he feels for her, using certain cuss words in between.
  • Rashami complains about Siddharth’s mood swings to Devoleena.
  • Paras comes up to Shehnaz and calls her out for not doing the rationing work while Rashami Desai has to do it even though it is not her job. Siddharth tells Paras that he could help Rashami since rationing is his job too and not only Shehnaz. Paras is taken aback at this defence and leaves.

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