The premiere night of Bigg Boss 13 opens to Bollywood hunk and host Salman Khan watching television and musing about the fun and masala stored in for this season. Soon enough he starts getting calls from filmmaker Farah Khan who wants Bigg Boss house while actor Bobby Deol wants to know the name of at least one contestant this season. Karan Johar calls next, followed by Jacqueline Fernandez, Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan all of whom have a plethora of queries related to the new season.Also Read - Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan's Abode For New Season Looks Like THIS And Fans Can't Keep Calm!

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  • Welcoming them inside the house, Bigg Boss gives them a headstart with a hint of twists and turns during the coming week. Stating that the boys’ success lands in the girls’ hands apart from votes alone, Bigg Boss cautions them to stick to their beds and assigned duties.

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  • With everyone inside the house, the contestants are too excited to match their bands to know who they will be sharing the bed with. Rashmi feels uncomfortable sharing her bed and while she is discussing this with Siddharth, Bigg Boss calls them in the living room.
  • The boys are randomly handed their BFF bands after which they enter the house.
  • Suffering the disadvantage of landing with no job, Abu might end up getting eliminated on the first day itself that too before entering the house. He gets a disadvantage ring which will reveal what Abu has in store after entering the Bigg Boss house.
  • Paras and Abu are called on the stage to catch the toy hens and put them in the nest before them while blindfolded. Paras wins the task and becomes Aarti’s partner for cleaning the utensils.
  • Salman makes Krushna’s jaw drop to the floor as he reveals that Aarti will be getting to choose a bed partner from the two options that flashes next on the screen before them. Aarti chooses the option “hum aapke hain kaun” after which she gets a red and black band and the task to wash utensils. The display is revolved to show the five-set of boys. Introducing the brother-sister duo with the boys, Salman hurriedly seizes the moment to pull Asim’s leg and we feel we need a break already!

  • Comedian Krushna Abhishek sets the stage on fire as he shakes a leg with his sister Aarti Singh. Aarti joins the list of contestants for this season. The two crack up Salman and audiences with their leg-pulling session.
  • Koena changes her decision and chooses Asim as her task partner for dancing the best amongst all the boys. She enters the house.
  • Koena gets the duty to keep the living room clean. The display is revolved back for Koena to choose her task partner. She chooses Siddharth as her partner and the audience burst out laughing for obvious reasons. Called on stage, Siddhartha Dey is asked to poll dance “like Jacqueline Fernandez”.  Asim and Abu are called next to poll dance followed by Paras and Siddharth.

  • Koena Mitra is welcomed on stage as the next contestant.
  • Salman takes a selfie before Ameesha goes inside the house. She leaves after telling people to watch out for her.
  • Shaking a leg with Ameesha, Salman welcomes the landlady, the malkin before she elaborates on how she will be keeping an eye on the tenants of “her” house. Revealing Paras’ cassanova secrets and Rashmi and Siddharth’s professional-turned-personal sparks, Ameesha spills the beans on the contestants.
  • Ameesha Patela sizzles the stage with her sultry dance performance on Ram Leela‘s song.
  • Dalljiet’s son comes on the stage to wish her luck. The mother-son duo dance to a Bollywood number before Dalljiet goes away to enter the Bigg Boss house.
  • Salman takes Dalljiet through a short video of the boys and how they are in their bedrooms. She chooses Siddharth as partner for bedroom task and Salman wipes off tears of laughter as he feels sorry for the poor chap.
  • Calling her too young to be a mother, Salman leaves Dalljiet “flabbergasted”. Sharing that she has not stopped looking for love, Dalljiet tells Salman that she doesn’t mind falling in love with someone inside the Bigg Boss house. Giving her two options, “dil toh bachcha hai ji” and “love/sex/dhoka“, Dalljiet chooses the latter and lands with a green band. Her duty is to keep the bedroom area clean. The display with the boys is revolved back and Salman introduces them with Dalljiet. At the drop of the hat, Salman takes another dig at Asim’s accent and landing with a “sibling bond” after flirting with Mahira.

  • Dalljiet Kaur is the next contestant who before coming on stage, narrates her story of a failed marriage through a short video.
  • Inside the house, Shehnaz is seen gossiping about Shefali already, briefing them about their tiff on stage before Salman. Shefali enters and the girls get discussing their bed partners.
  • Shefali then gets the duty to keep the pool and garden area clean. She chooses Siddhartha Dey as her partner. Salman reveals that by doing so, Shefali had saved Siddhartha as he had not received any duty so far. Siddhartha calls Shefali beauty with brains.
  • Rationing duty has been assigned to Shefali and Shehnaz. The display area is asked to revolve back and Salman introduces the men to the girls. While Shehnaz chooses Paras as her partner, Shefali chooses Siddharth Shukla. Concerned at the many tasks poor Siddharth has already undertaken, Salman calls Paras on stage to perform a task. The girls weigh different vegetables and Shehnaz wins the round as well as Paras as her rationing partner.
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  • Shefali and Shehnaz lock horns already before entering the stage but cutting it short, the Punjabi sensation concentrates back on Salman as she soaks in her fantasy coming live of sharing the stage with Salman. Calling herself “Punjab ki Katrina Kaif”, Shehnaz elaborates more about herself before choosing between “don’t angry me” and “bhookh mitti nai”. While Shefali chooses the former, Shahnaz goes with the “naughty” option.

  • Shehnaz Gill, the Punjabi sensation visibly has her heart fluttering on meeting Salman. Singing Dil Diyaan Gallan for Salman, Shahnaz makes him groove to the sound of the song played in the backdrop. She is another female contestant for this season.

  • News anchor Shifali Bagga is introduced as the next contestant.
  • Resting in their beds, Mahira and Devoleena are aroused by a door ring. They welcome Rashmi inside the bedroom area where she flaunts that she alreaady knows her bed partner and share a laugh with Devoleena when she comes to know that Siddharth is sharing kitchen duties with both of them.
  • Salman takes a dig at Asim again when Rashmi fails to recognise him. Rashmi chooses Siddharth as her kitchen partner who gets a task to prepare a dish while handcuffed. Rashmi enters the house after twinning her BFF band with Siddharth.
  • Choosing the option of garma-garam instead of love/sex/dhoka, Rashmi lands with a yellow band and gets kitchen duty involving dinner and evening tea. The display area revolves back to introduce Rashmi with the male contestants.
  • Salman reveals Rashmi’s intention of entering the Bigg Boss house through a meme which says that she will be getting married on the reality show. The two share a hearty laugh as Rashmi rubbishes off the rumour.

  • Rashmi Desai is the next contestant who sizzles the stage with her dance performance on Kamariya.
  • Debuting in the kitchen for the first time, Siddharth wins the task and lands as Devoleena’s kitchen partner. Sharing that all tasks are linked, Salman suggests that all male contestants should take part in as many tasks as possible so as to prevent elimination from the Bigg Boss house on the first day itself. With that, Devoleena enters the house.
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  • Abu and Siddharth Shukla are chosen by Devoleena to help her in the kitchen. Testing their skills, Salman calls them on stage to prepare a bhel puri after which Devoleena will choose her kitchen partner.
  • Devoleena Bhattacharjee is contestant number seven. Setting the stage on fire, television’s favourite “sanskaari bahu”, Devoleena is seen grooving to Aashiq Banaya Aapne song. Devoleena’s mother makes Salman’s eyes pop out as she asks Deevolena, “ghar se do ho kar aana“. Salman then gives her two options from which Devoleena chooses “ishq bina kya jeena” landing her with a red band. Salman tells her that whoever in the Bigg Boss house is found wearing the same band will be her partner. She gets kitchen duty in the house. Salman asks the display area, seating the boys, to revolve around. Salman takes Devoleena to a video of what these boys do in their house.
  • Mahira is the first contestant to enter the house.
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  • Twirled back away from the audience, the boys gossip about Mahira and Abu tells Asim to ask Mahira to not call him “bhai”.
  • Mahira is assigned the duty to clean the bathroom in the Bigg Boss house. She chooses Asim to help her hand in this task. Salman takes a dig at Asim’s accent, calls it Brazilian. Mahira takes a dig at his non-Urdu speaking style to which Asim promises that he will always listen to his sisten and henceforth, converse in Hindi-Urdu.
  • Salman asks the cubicle to be twirled back and introduces the male contestants to Mahira. Calling Asim her brother, given they both are from J&K, Mahira says she would go vegetable shopping with Abu, stay in a village with Siddhartha Dey and go nowhere with Paras.

  • The sixth contestant is television sensation, Mahira Sharma. Slaying in a hot pink dress, Mahira joins Salman on stage and reveals that not fame nor money dragged her to the show but the greed for the winner’s trophy. Given her short temper, Salman promises to give her a BFF to cool down her temper. Salman offers her two options to choose from – hunger and cutie pie. Mahira opts for cutie pie which lands her with a BFF band. Salman reveals that another contestant found wearing a similar band inside the house, will be her BFF.
  • After seating the five male contestants, Salman asks their cubicle to be turned around as he begins welcoming the female contestants.

  • Contestant number five is Asim Riaz. Leaving fans smitten, Asim grooves sensuously to Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani song from Student of The Year 2. The model has featured in varied national and international brands. Asim credits Salman for bringing the fashion of six-pack abs into the industry. A native of Jammu and Kashmir, Asim fails to recognise any of the contestants.

  • Welcoming Anu Malik’s brother, Abu Malik next, Salman introduces the music maestro as the fourth contestant. A video by family members Anu Malik and Ayaan Malik plays in the background as they wish him luck. Salman introduces him with other male contestants while maintaining the hype around the female contestants.

  • Paras Chabra of Splitsvilla is the third contestant who promises to play a Raavan on the show with Ram in his heart. Calling himself a “sanskaari playboy”, Paras meets the former two contestants as Salman breaks the ice between them.

  • Next up is writer Siddhartha Dey who can’t stop swooning after sharing the stage with his icon, Salman.

  • Opening the list of contestant-celebrities for this season, Salman welcomes television sensation Siddharth Shukla. Calling him the most eligible bachelor, Salman welcomes Siddhart’s mother and sister on the show before going on to list out the rules of the house to Siddharth.
  • The frame shifts to Salman’s sultry performance on the song Slow Motion from his movie Bharat. Cut to the stage, the gates open and the audience cannot stop cheering as they welcome the superstar on the stage.

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