Bigg Boss 13 contestants Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan were dating each other inside the BB house. The gap between the two increased when Arhaan had made some shocking revelations about Rashami Desai that she was bankrupt which left the actor’s family affected. He had said, “Rashami Desai road pe aagayi thi,” and that he was the one who helped her. A lot of people, including host Salman Khan, had slammed Arhaan for saying this. Salman also exposed Arhaan’s truth about a child from a previous marriage which left Rashami Desai shocked. Also Read - Paras Chhabra's Cheesy TikTok Video on Long Distance Relationships Makes Fans Take Note Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Recently, when the family members of Rashami Desai were celebrating her birthday outside, her mother joined by Rashami’s manager, Santosh, broke silence on the bankruptcy comment and rubbished all of Arhaan’s claims. Also Read - Rashami Desai Redefines Indian Beauty With Her Drop-Dead Gorgeous Look on Ram Navami, Pictures go Viral

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Rashami’s manager Santosh revealed that Rashami never came across any financial shortcomings despite taking a break and that she has earned enough to feed herself for the next ten years. “Rashami and I have been working with each other since 2013. About bankruptcy, even if Rashami stops working today, for the next 10 years she cannot get bankrupt. For someone who owns a flat in a high-end building in a Mumbai, has four more vehicles. The time which Arhaan mentioned (where she allegedly was bankrupt), she owned two luxurious cars which were on her own. Yes, I can say that she was in a space where she wasn’t working on Television. She was not getting her big monthly cheques. You can say that she took a break of 4-5 months which every actor takes which was her choice. Despite that she had been doing events. She is the queen of events from the world of Television. She finds herself well even during her sabbatical,” her manager Santosh said. Also Read - Mahira Sharma Dazzles in Black Shirt, See Photo

He continued that Rashami might have accepted going bankrupt; however, that was just in a moment of phase and that she didn’t really mean it. He added, “We know Rashami accepted that she was bankrupt inside the house, she might have said it in a moment of phase just like she said she knew of Arhaan’s marriage initially. Once she is out, she might clarify that she was never bankrupt. Whatever relationship she had with Arhaan, but no one can never attach the word bankruptcy with Rashami.”

Even Rashami’s brother, Gaurav Desai went inside the BB house and warned her that things are not how they seem to be in front of her and she should not take any decision about being with Arhaan inside the house.

In the latest episode, Rajat Sharma grilled Rashami Desai over her complicated relationship with Arhaan Khan. The actor said ‘It’s over now’.