Bigg Boss 13 is one of the most interesting yet controversial shows on the television right now. On one hand, Paras and Mahira stand up for each other and on the other hand, Siddharth and Shehnaaz are loved for their sweet nok-jhok. Now, before the nomination task began all the inmates gathered in the living room and Siddharth spotted a mark on Mahira’s neck and asked if it is a love bite. However, she shrugged and said that it is an infection and not a love bite. Later, Shefali Jarriwala and Paras Chhabra joined in and started teasing her. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan Makes Romantic Post For Rashami Desai, Fans Ask Him to 'Leave Her Alone'

Siddharth then went on to take Mahira’s mother’s name, Sania Sharma and said what she would think of it. He then jokes that her mother would have also seen how the infection happened and which virus attacked. He even teased her saying that he used to make an excuse that he got hurt by a ball to hide such marks. Shefali, Paras, and Siddharth had a hearty laugh. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra Brainwashes Siddharth Shukla, Warns Him Against 'Cat-Eyed' Shefali Zariwalla

Mahira and Paras are close in the house and often shown their bond by standing up for each other. They even hinted that they are fond of each other and like each other. When Rohit Shetty entered the house, the director asked the two if they were more than friends but they denied.

Recently, their video being cosy with each other went viral on social media. In the video, the duo can be seen engaged in a conversation where they confess love to each other. Soon Paras kisses Mahira on her cheeks and Mahira also kiss on Paras’ cheeks. Looks like there is a new couple in the house and Paras, Mahira fans are excited seeing them together.