Bigg Boss 13 house has a very cute and innocent contestant Shehnaaz Gill who breaks groupism and mingles with everyone in the house. Her inseparable connection and bond with Sidharth Shukla has been the highlight of the season but it is also becoming a topic of concern for other housemates as they want to break the bond between Shehnaaz- Sidharth. In today’s Bigg Boss 13 episode, Shefali Bagga and Vishal Aditya Singh try to brainwash Shehnaaz Gill against Sidharth Shukla.Also Read - Jasmin Bhasin Responds After Getting Trolled For ‘Disrespecting’ Sidharth Shukla in Viral Video: It’s Completely Misunderstood

Shefali Bagga and Vishal Aditya Singh tell Shehnaaz Gill that she should stop talking and not have a fear of losing Sidharth Shukla. Bagga and Vishal try to paint Shehnaaz’s mind against Sidharth. Also, Vishal almost convinces Shehnaaz that Sidharth is now prioritizing Mahira over her. Shehnaaz tells she doesn’t like Sidharth prioritising Mahira over her. Also Read - Shehnaaz Gill Wins 'Promising Fresh Face' Award, Fans Say 'Baby You Are Perfect'

Bagga can be seen telling Shehnaaz that she is always subjected to injustice which is not right. Affected by their words, Shehnaaz breaks down and cries out loud. On the other hand, Rashami, Asim and Vishal enjoy the scene of Shehnaaz distancing herself from Sidharth. The group high fives that their plan worked finally. Also Read - "Where Are You Shehnaaz Gill": Shehnaaz Gill's Fans Are Missing Her on Twitter| Watch Video to Know Where She Is

As Bagga-Vishal talk, Sidharth walks past them and Shehnaz starts crying. Vishal and Bagga console her and give her a warm hug and tell that she is strong.

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Meanwhile, Mahira created a ruckus in the house by first refusing to cook breakfast and later, cooking lesser than expected. Paras came out in support of her and took the fight with all.