Bigg Boss 14 October 23 Written Update: The captaincy task continues today as round 1’s result is still not out. Both the sanchalaks argue as they have different opinions. It is Eijaz Khan vs Pavitra Punia as Eijaz says that Rubina came last while coming out of the dollhouse. On the other hand, Pavitra claims Abhinav was the last person to come out of the dollhouse. Eijaz asks Pavitra to understand what he is trying to say. Pavitra says I didn’t see Rubina coming out. Rahul asks Pavitra to try and listen. Eijaz says she will scare you also. Pavitra tells Eijaz that I saw Abhi in the last.Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant's Husband Ritesh Makes Shocking Revelation About Their Marriage After Getting Evicted From House

Abhinav Shukla confirms that he was the last one Also Read - Rubina Dilaik Calls Out Fake Fans Leaving Fandoms Because She is 'Fat Now' - Check Viral Post

Abhinav Shukla comes to Eijaz and Pavitra and said that he agree that he came in the last so let’s end it. But Eijaz didn’t listen to him,and argues that it was Rubina he came last from the house. Also Read - Rubina Dilaik's Sister Jyotika Gets Engaged to Beau Rajat Sharma - Stunning Pics And Videos From Ceremony

Rahul Vaidya tells Nishant that I don’t see Jaan Sanu as a captain

Rubina tells Abhinav that Eijaz Khan, who is a sanchalak, acts like a dictator, Abhinav says if you pick an argument with him then you are giving him attention. Rahul then says that he doesn’t see Jaan as a captain. I would want myself or you as a captain. I won’t be disloyal to Nikki, I will tell her if I can’t take her doll. I want to flip with you, you save mine and I will save yours.

Jasmin comes to Pavitra and says you might have to bear the punishment of this. Pavitra says I am just saying what I saw that Abhinav was the last person. Bigg Boss makes an announcement saying every task’s decision is taken by referees (sanchalaks) only. Bigg Boss says we don’t want to take a drastic step in the first task for the captaincy. We are taking a decision that the dolls of the last two inmates will be eliminated from the task. Rubina had Abhinav’s doll, Abhinav has Jasmin’s doll so Jasmin and Abhinav will be eliminated.

Abhinav and Jasmin are eliminated from the task

Jasmin says if they can’t come to a conclusion then why are we being punished? It’s not our fault that they can’t come to a conclusion. This is wrong. Rubina says they are not mutually deciding and they didn’t give in. Jasmin says they should have punished. Abhinav says only one person must have come out of the house so how can two people be punished? The house contestants blame Eijaz and Pavitra for this.

Nishant and Jaan’s new game in round 2

The second round starts and the remaining contestants run to get the dolls. Rubina says no one took my doll so Rahul was the last. Eijaz says Rubina didn’t take her own doll and it was only left. Rubina says Rahul snatched Nikki’s doll from me. Eijaz says Rahul was the last one. Eijaz tells Rahul that our decision is final. Rahul says it’s not my fault if she didn’t pick up any doll. Pavitra tells Rahul that she can’t take her own doll. Nikki says then you should eliminate Rubina. Eijaz says it could be her strategy also to leave her doll.

Nikki gets angry and says that she was a fool to make you all win. Abhinav tells Rubina that you should be the captain. Jaan asks Rubina to target Rahul. Nikki tells Rahul that I want to be the captain, if you don’t want me to be the captain then I can be disqualified right now. Eijaz says that Rubina will be eliminated. To which, Abhinav says her doll didn’t come out of the house so how can she be eliminated? Pavitra says it was their strategy to not let Rubina get any doll.

Nikki cries and tells Eijaz and Pavitra that my team is not with me, they are not favoring me. Eijaz says play your own game.

Rahul and Rubina are the last in the house and they don’t come out. Rahul says you told me behind Rubina that you will take my doll. Nishant says I told you in the last that I will take Jaan’s doll and Rubina will take yours. I didn’t do anything wrong. Nishant tells Rahul that we had a discussion and I didn’t move away from my commitments. Nikki asks Rahul to stay in the house. Jaan tells Rahul to think about the outcome. Rahul comes out of the house and says I don’t want to waste time. All clap for him. Pavitra hugs Rahul and says you are a champ, you are respected in my eyes. You have given up to your friends and I respect that.

Nikki is not happy with Rahul’s decision

Nikki comes to Rahul that I gave up for the first time in my life, and I don’t like you to give up. Rahul says but the captain will be made from our team only, I gave up for them. Nikki is not happy at all.

Nishant is the first captain of Bigg Boss 14 house

Nishant wins the task as Jaan throws Nishant’s doll away and takes his doll. Jaan congrats Nishant as he made him the winner. As captain, he will be safe from the eliminations. He will get his personal bedroom with a soft mattress, personal VIP access bathroom, he will make many decisions in the house, he will decide about the future of the red-zone inmates and will make sure all rules are followed. Not only this, Nishant will get access to BB-mall and a SPA. He can make anyone his masseuse in the spa.

Jaan is hurt because of Nikki

Nishant tells Rubina that Jaan was hurt when Nikki called him fake, he gave her unconditional love. He was locked inside the washroom and Nikki comes to apologise. Jaan says you called me a fake friend? I am angry on that. Nikki says I am sorry for that. Jaan says I will be fine now, thank you for coming.

Nikki breaks the rules

Nikki climbs the red-zone wall and goes inside to hug Pavitra. She says I don’t want to go there. Nikki cries out loud and say I don’t want to be there. Jaan also comes inside the red zone area after Nikki and hugs her. They both break the rules. Nishant tells Jasmin that Jaan is justifying himself there still, he is getting manipulated. Jasmin says he is just a softie, he has a soft corner. Rubina tells Nishant that you have to be a good captain, you have to make Nikki work in the house. Jasmin asks Nishant to use his mind. Rubina tells Nishant that they are breaking the rules and it’s your arena to stop them.

Nishant warns Jaan and Nikki after Bigg Boss announces that it’s Nishant’s duty to bring them back.

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