In Bigg Boss 15 Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan started the battery task where the host asked tricky questions from the contestants. Since it has been over two weeks the contestants entered the jungle, Salman interrogated them thoroughly to test their friendships and unity once again. In the task, Salman asked them to elect the contestant they think is the most drained out. Each of them get a battery prop, out of which a charge will be taken from the contestants by their housemates. Within no time, seven contestants vote for Donal after citing her sloppiness. The odds against her are so unanimous that she needs more such props! Shamita first took her charge out and said, “Bohot focus karti hai iss baat pe ki log usey like nahi karte hai” (she focusses a lot on this thing that people don’t like her).Also Read - Bigg Boss 15 Wild-Card Neha Bhasin is 'Glad to be Out Just in Time,' Says There Was 'no Love, Realness' in The House

Vishal too came and said, “Donal jitna time explain karne mein lagati hai, utna time rishte banane aur improve karne mein lagaayegi toh bohot aage jaayegi!” (the time she spends in explaining if the same she gives in making and improving relations, she will go a long way). Then, Jay Bhanushali, Tejaswi, Miesha and Ieshaan came forward to take out her battery. Donal felt helpless and then she took the criticism. Also Read - "Yeh Rajiv Khud Bhi Meetha Hai..." Rakhi Sawant Makes Homophobic Remarks About Rajiv Adatia in Bigg Boss 15

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Host Salman Khan then intervene and said there are two contestants who needs to charge their batteries not only one. He asked housemates to change their perspective as things are different from outside. Also Read - Salman Khan Speaks on Being Pitted Against Brother-in-Law Aayush in Antim

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