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In what can be called an interesting twist to the ongoing Bigg Boss Season 8-perhaps to spice up the dram in the name of displaying of emotions-the latest episode saw some contestants getting an opportunity to meet their family members. Naturally, the episode was high-on-emotions and that must have ultimately fetched higher TRP’s for the show, we think. Yes, the inmates were allowed to exercise an option where they could meet their family member. Also Read - Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Grand Finale: Karishma Tanna in The Finals With Dharmesh Yelande as Rumours go Strong About Her Win

And one must know by now-especially if one has grown up on the regular Bollywood fare- that ‘Ma (mother)’ element draws both tears and cheers at the same time. Day 65 saw Bigg Boss allowing each contestant to choose an app of their choice. The variety included many alternatives from choosing to see previous episodes or witnessing fans’ reactions and even an option of getting to meet the loved one. Also Read - Khatron Ke Khiladi 10: Is Karishma Tanna The Winner of Rohit Shetty's Reality Show? Ekta Kapoor Gives Hint

Gautam Gulati instantaneously chose to see his mother. The otherwise angry lad immediately broke down as he could see his mother waving at him on the big screen. He started shedding even more tears after getting that rare opportunity to meet his mother who was waiting to meet Gautam in the confession room. The visuals made us go awww…as Gautam sobbed a kid as he hugged his mother. Even RJ Pritam Pyare will meet his wife and his son in the forthcoming episode. It would be interesting to see if Karishma Tanna too could meet her mother. That is possible only if Renne comes to Miss Tanna ‘s rescue.

In short the show has turned into a meet-the-parents saga and the Bigg Boss followers are lapping up the emotional drama with tremendous interest.