How often have you seen flatulence being discussed on national television in great details? But then Bigg Boss is no ordinary show! And neither is Rakhi Sawant your ordinary chic who should make some sense with her words, right? Bigg Boss is known for the hoopla it generates with its scandalous round called confession which determines the elimination of contestants. So what is discussed in the confession room (yes, there’s a separate entity by that name) stays only with Big Boss and with the viewers. No contestants get to see  or hear what is being said or done in that secret room. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan’s opening performance will ROCK your world, read details here! Also Read - Rakhi Sawant Distributes Fruits to Needy Kids, Urges Them to Not Beg in Funny Viral Video: 'Maa Ko Bol Jyada Bacha Paida Na Karein'

If the room holds the secret to this degree, Rakhi Sawant decided to use the facility to the fullest only to produce this… dare we say the LOUDEST confession ever. Rakhi’s grouse is that people make fun of her and scrunch up their noses when she breaks the wind! The motormouth also confessed that it is only human to fart! And she eats so many things in the house that makes her gassy! She also states that if she holds the natural…evacuatory process it might give her a heart attack! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 promo 3: Salman Khan’s Indiana Jones avatar is damn exciting! Also Read - Bigg Boss Contestant Digangana Suryavanshi Attacked By Peacock, Fans Can't Stop Laughing | WATCH

Rakhi doesn’t stop there she goes on complaining that when other people in the house fart, they smile at each other and laugh! But when she makes evacuatory noises people express their disgust to the level that it makes her cry. Clearly, Rakhi was being singled out for what is considered normal and natural….tch tch that’s not fair at all! Watch Rakhi using her victim card to its truest potential and goes on ranting about random things! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: This famous cartoonist has a valid reason for rejecting Salman Khan’s controversial show Also Read - Rubina Dilaik Opens-up About Heartbreaks, Says 'Have Had Many But Emerged Stronger'

We are waiting to see what confessions would one make in this year’s Bigg Boss and will one of those turn out to be one of the dirties ever? Will one of the mango people give Rakhi Sawant a run for her money this year? Like we all know that this time there is going to be a mix of celebrities and commoners in the house and the kind of equation that they are going to share is something we all are looking forward to. There have been several speculations been made with regards to the celebrities participating in the show but guess the makers of the show have decided to reveal some details about the commoners who are all set to participate in the show. And Salman Khan will be seen unleashing his antics like only he can!