What a day it was inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house! This Tuesday, marked day 16 on the reality show and it was nothing like what we have seen until now. Since it is May 1 which is celebrated as Maharashtra Day or Labour’s Day and is a day to be proud of being from Maharashtra, Bigg Boss had something interesting and special planned to celebrate this special occasion. Actor Priyadarshan Jadhav, whose Marathi film Cycle is all set for a May 4th release, was the special guests on the show and he just added to the festive fervour. Also Read - Maharashtra Day 2020: Know How The State Was Formed & Why It is Celebrated on May 1

He entered the house in his character’s garb and ensured that everyone inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house had some fun and a few laughs. And what is notable is that he didn’t enter the house alone. He brought with him two special gifts. Usha Nadkarni was asked to go the store room and fetch the gifts. To everyone’s surprise, the door opened to reveal eliminated contestants Aarti Solanki and Vinit Bonde as the guests on Maharashtra day. Also Read - 'Without Labour Nothing Prospers': Twitterati Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Workers Who Toil To Build India

Next, started a day full of performances by the housemates. All got dressed in their traditional finery and their special acts ensured that the audience inside the house (their fellow contestants) and those watching them on the screen – all had a great time. One entertaining performance after the other started. We saw Resham Tipnis and Smita Gondkar turn into true blue Marathi Mulgies and perform Lavani on Priyanka ChopraDeepika Padukone’s song Pinga from Bajirao Mastani. Rajesh Shringarpure’s expressions here as he cheered for his house favourite – Resham were noteworthy here. These two are certainly giving us couple goals! Also Read - Labour Day 2020: Here's Why May 1 Is Celebrated As International Workers' Day

Pushkar Jog and Sai Lokur on the other hand turned the Bigg Boss Marathi aura romantic and grooved to the song Sairat Jhala Ji from the critically acclaimed film Sairat. It was an applaud worthy performance and Aastad also prompted from the audience – Sairat 2! Well, we don’t know about Sairat 2 but we certainly would love to see them in a film together. Their chemistry is just too cute.

To add some fun factor to the performances, we saw comedian-actor Bhushan Kadu entertain us all by mimicking Rajesh. Rutuja Dharmadhikari gave a power-packed performance on Apsara Aali while Megha Dhade exuded elegance as she danced to cult Marathi song Reshma Cha Reghani. Aastad Kale‘s performance didn’t come as a surprise. We have seen him croon while inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house quite often and today on Maharashtra Day special episode, the actor won our hearts with a mesmerising rendition of Jyostute Jyostute.

The May 1 episode on the Day 16 inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house was marked by festive fervour and a lot of fun. While yesterday we saw contestants play some games as part of the task Tujhi Majhi Jodi, the end of the day was made tense with the nomination process where six contestants were nominated for elimination in the coming weekend. But the Tuesday episode on May 1, was a rare one and ensured that the contestants and the audience have a smile plastered on their faces throughout.