There are so many cameras inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house, that nothing can stay hidden. Be it love, hate for someone, or be it some plotting and scheming against someone. Day 12 inside the house was unlike other days and most of the day was spent in good, healthy banter and playing games. It was a rare day when we didn’t see any ‘bhaandan’ inside the house. Perhaps, it is to avoid getting pulled up by host Mahesh Manjrekar at tomorrow’s Weekend Cha Vaar. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi: Resham Tipnis Opens up on Her Relationship With Rajesh Shringarpure

As we progress into the Bigg Boss Marathi show and contestants spend more and more time together, there are new bonds being formed. What is noteworthy is that Anil Thatte, who was the least liked contestants in the house initially, is slowly and steadily making himself become a part of the family. And he is also being welcomed by other team mates which is heartening. He is also able to build some rapport with Usha Nadkarni and Resham Tipnis – two women with him he had the most number of brawls inside the house. He also got a chance to endear himself to the Bigg Boss Marathi contestants and the audience on the April 27 episode on Day 12 through a task that Bigg Boss gave him. Check out all that happened during the day on the 12th day of Bigg Boss Marathi below: Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi: Here're Contestants Who Made it to The Finale of Mahesh Manjrekar’s Show

Highlights of the April 27 episode on Day 12 of Bigg Boss Marathi

Chemistry between Resham and Rajesh Shringarpure is becoming more and more obvious. Today, Resham was seen complimenting Rajesh on his dressing style and said that he looks more handsome in shirts instead of t-shirt. She told him that he look hot and then was seen talking to Bhushan about how handsome and attractive Rajesh is. She said that anyone can fall in love with him, and even his voice is strong and just the way girls love it. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Eliminations : Jui Gadkari Leaves The Show, While Sai Lokur And Aastad Kale Stay Safe

Bigg Boss have the house contestants a new task called – Thattegiri. Anil Thatte was asked to be the host of this chat show, where he would talk to four contestants and ask them about how they feel about the other contestants, share their experiences so far and more. Anil chose to interview Resham, Sai Lokur, Usha, Aastad Kale and Megha Dhade.

Resham was seen taking on Rutuja Dharmadhikari yet again and she said that she is too young to stand with the rest of them in the Bigg Boss Marathi house. She said that even through she is trying hard to compete, she will not succeed. She also said that Megha has done her homework well before entering the house and has come armed with a strategy.

When it was Sai’s turn, she said there was groupism in the house with Rajesh being the master mind. She also took on Aastad and said that he has no sportsmanship and easily gives up.

Later, Sai was also seen breaking down and talking to Anil and Megha – at two different points – and confessing to them how she feels ignored and targeted all the time. Earlier in the day, Resham and Jui Gadkari had pointed out how Sai has no kitchen manners and how she has been throwing things away and using stuff mindlessly.

(With inputs from Laxmikant Kolge)