After pulling a stunt on Bigg Boss Marathi viewers and the house mates on the May 6, Day 21 episode, host Mahesh Manjrekar had another twist in store for us in the Day 22, May 7 episode. Last evening, he didn’t announce the name of the eliminated contestant and only revealed that Resham Tipnis and Rajesh Shringarpure are in the danger zone and one of them will be evicted this week. In the episode aired tonight, the two were asked to come in another room, away from all the other contestants in the house and here they met Mahesh. He talked to them about their thoughts on what they feel must have gone against them. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal Breaks Down Into Tears After Surprise Elimination Announcement

He even asked both of them to share their last message to each other before they leave the house. Rajesh said, “If I leave the house and Resham stays, I would like her to win and come out and maintain her dignity while playing the game. Be strong.” Resham on the other hand said, “If I stay and Rajesh leaves, I promise to win and meet him at the finale.” Soon after, Mahesh announced that Rajesh is going out while Resham will be staying back in the house. She broke down and offered to go out instead of Rajesh. She bid him an emotional farewell, said ‘I love you’, gave him a hug and a kiss and promised that she will now definitely play to win. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Grand Finale: Shiv Thakare Beats Neha Shitole to Bag Winner's Trophy, Wins Prize Money of Rs 17 Lakh

Throughout the rest of the show, Resham broke down often and promised to now play the game like it is ought to play and avenge Rajesh’s ouster from the house. She also spoke to Bigg Boss and told him to get Rajesh back in the house and said that she felt alone. A few of the contestants consoled Resham and told her that she is not alone. The housemates are now divided and the Bigg Boss Marathi house is now divided into two teams. With the ouster of Aarti Solanki (first week), Vinit Bonde (second week) and now Rajesh Shringarpure in the third week – there are 12 contestants left in the house. Also Read - Bigg Boss 12 Eviction: Salman Khan to Call Jasleen Matharu And Megha Dhade Out of The House

The two teams are as such – Team 1: Sai Lokur, Pushkar Jog, Megha Dhade, Usha Nadkarni, Anil Thatte, Rutuja Dharmadhikari and Team 2: Resham Tipnis, Aastad Kale, Bhushan Kadu, Smita Gondkar, Sushant Shelar, Jui Gadkari.

Next, we saw Bigg Boss give a new task to Bigg Boss Marathi contestants where there was a Throne ala the ones we see in Game Of Thrones was placed in the garden area. There was a phone attached to it and when it rang, Pushkar was the one to pick it up. Since he answered the phone, he got directly nominated for eliminations in this week. Bigg Boss gave him a chance to save himself. Pushkar was asked to get Usha Nadkarni dress up like Anil Thatte and do a ramp walk with him.  She had the option of saying ‘no’ in which case, Pushkar will stay nominated and not be safe. However, Usha Tai is a sport and agrees to transform into Anil Thatte to save Pushkar.

There will be more such tasks in the Day 23, May 8 episode and we will see contestants being nominated and taking help from others to be safe again – Resham – Megha and Aastad – Smita are two such pairs. However, what these housemates don’t know as yet is that Rajesh is not out of the house or the game. He hasn’t been eliminated but only taken to a different room from where he can see all that happens inside the house through a TV screen and can hear all the conversations taking place.

The episode on Day 22, May 7, was fun, interesting and intriguing and high on emotions. We will soon know if Rajesh Shringarpure will get to come back into the house of if he will have to say a final goodbye to the Bigg Boss Marathi show in the next few episodes.