Bigg Boss Marathi episode on May 7, Day 22 was full of unique twists and turns. Resham Tipnis was declared safe and went inside the house while Rajesh Shringarpure exited the house. But he is still in the game and has only been sent to a secret room from where he can see what is happening inside the house through a TV monitor and hear all the conversations. The inmates inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house don’t know as yet that Rajesh is out but around. Bigg Boss also had a new task for the contestants where Pushkar Jog got nominated directly for elimination but got saved by Usha Nadkarni. She had to dress up like and imitate Anil Thatte, which she readily did in order to save Pushkar. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 November 3 Episode Highlights: Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni Go Emotional Seeing Each Other, Are They Dating?

Now, in the May 8 episode, we will see Aastad Kale try to save Smita Gondkar, Sai Lokur try to save Megha Dhade while Megha will get a chance to save Resham. In order to save Megha, Sai will be asked to tear her family photograph, while Megha will be asked to stay quiet indefinitely (till Bigg Boss summons her to speak again) to save Resham. Aastad will be asked to shave his head off in order to save Smita. Will the contestants do these sacrifices to save their fellow housemates, who are also their competitors? Will new, stronger bonds be formed or will the hatred some people have for their fellow Bigg Boss Marathi contestants only become more obvious? Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal Breaks Down Into Tears After Surprise Elimination Announcement

It is during this task that Pushkar will lose his cool on Megha and talk about how he is irritated with her over-friendly-ness and interference in everything. He also asks the current Bigg Boss Marathi house captain Jui Gadkari to ask Megha to stay away from getting involved in each and every thing. Also Read - Filing of Nomination For 13 LS Constituencies in Rajasthan to Commence Tuesday

Watch a sneak peek of Bigg Boss Marathi Day 23 episode to be aired on May 8

Will Rajesh Shringarpure get to come back to the house or will he have to stay in the secret room longer? When the contestants are saving each other through this new ‘Game Of Thrones’ like task, which are the final contestants who will be in the nominations and face elimination this week? All this and more we will come to know when Bigg Boss Marathi episode on Day 23, airs tonight – May 8.