The past few days inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house have been like a roller coaster ride. The nominations with a twist kept us hooked but Day 24 episode aired on May 9 was thoroughly entertaining. On Bigg Boss’ order, the house’s activity – garden area, was turned into a chillar party are with contestants role playing as part of the Khel Maandala task given to them by Bigg Boss. The contestants were first divided into two teams – one team will behave like kids or toys and the other team – will be responsible to play with the kids/toys, take care of them and keep them entertained throughout the day. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Grand Finale: Shiv Thakare Beats Neha Shitole to Bag Winner's Trophy, Wins Prize Money of Rs 17 Lakh

The aim here and the real test is to not get irritated with each other despite all their silly games and behaviour. The team that continues to play till the end, without pressing the time out buzzer, will be declared winner. While it seemed like a sweet and simple task, it was nothing less than Child’s Play – remember the horror film – where a doll was possessed and went on a murdering spree? The two teams were then split in twos – one person from each team forming a jodi. The pairs made were thus – Pushkar Jog and Smita Gondkar, Usha Nadkarni and Anil Thatte, Resham Tipnis and Megha Dhade, Sai Lokur and Jui Gadkari, Aastad Kale and Rutuja Dharmadhikari and Bhushan Kadu and Sushant Shelar. Also Read - Bigg Boss 12 Eviction: Salman Khan to Call Jasleen Matharu And Megha Dhade Out of The House

During the task, Resham was seen making situations difficult for Megha, trying all in her might to make her give up. She was encouraged by Aastad in doing the same. So much so, that when Megha fell down and injured herself, no one felt any sympathy towards her. When Megha told Resham that she’s got a sprain in the ankle, she gave her a cold reply and said, “What can I do? Leave the task and go.” Megha on her part, didn’t give up and continued to play. Usha Nadkarni and Anil on the other hand have a love and hate relationship between them of late and they both tried to do their task well. Also Read - Bigg Boss 12 November 24 Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update: Salman Khan Takes Deepak Thakur And Megha Dhade's Class, Praises Karanveer

However, the task is not yet complete and we will know the results soon. Aastad and Rutuja are already out of the game since they decided to press the buzzer. We are yet to know what the successful completion of this task will mean for the contestants. Will it help one of the nominated contestants get immunity from this week’s eliminations? As of now, Usha, Anil, Aastad, Rutuja, Sushant and Jui are all nominated and one of them might bid goodbye to Bigg Boss Marathi house by the end of this week. But we will know if this Khel Maandala task is able to save one of these housemates and put them in safe zone from danger only in the coming days.