Bigg Boss Marathi that premiered on April 15th will be completing a week tomorrow ie April 21. It’s been only four days ago, that host Mahesh Manjrekar introduced the 15 contestants of this season. Like every Bigg Boss show, the Marathi version has been no less as far as the drama quotient and controversy are concerned. It’s been just 4 days since the show started, and there’s already been so much drama on the show, that it’s hard to fathom it.  Yesterday’s episode we saw how Aastad Kale lashed out at the entire team over the first task where they had to perform a yagna. He said that, “We claim that we are a family and Marathi bigg boss is better than Hindi Bigg Boss but I don’t see it happening. No one seems to care about each other over here and when a few people were performing the task that went on overnight, no one cared to even come and ask if we were okay or needed anything or say good morning at least.” He definitely won a lot of hate. Anyway, today’s show was interesting on a lot of aspects. Here go the highlight’s of today’s show. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Grand Finale: Shiv Thakare Beats Neha Shitole to Bag Winner's Trophy, Wins Prize Money of Rs 17 Lakh

Bigg Boss Marathi : Pushkar Jog Tells A Heartbreaking Story About His Father To Sai Lokur That Will Leave You Choked

Bigg Boss Marathi : Pushkar Jog Tells A Heartbreaking Story About His Father To Sai Lokur That Will Leave You Choked

# Vinit Bonde got a secret task from Bigg Boss, which would help him gain captaincy for the second time. All he had to do was convince any 4 contestants to talk about him on a positive note during his captainship in front of camera and in return he would be made the captain for the next week as well. However, no way was he allowed to tell anyone about the task. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Grand Finale: Megha Dhade Takes The Trophy Home, Pushkar Jog Secures The Second Place in Season 1

# Vinit reads Rujuta Dharmadhikari’s palm and predicts that she will get major health issues at the age of 50-55. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Grand Finale: Megha Dhade Declared Winner of Season 1

# Sai Lokur flirts with Pushkar Jog, further fueling rumours of them being the first jodi inside the Bigg Boss House. She was seen flirting with him in tonight’s episode by saying, that she is looking for guy, who is taller than her. Soon after she said that, she smiled, and said that she will manage if the guy is as tall as she is, given the fact that Pushkar is not very tall.

# Vinit fails at his task. Bigg Boss asks all contestants to give two names for captaincy and they nominate Smita Gondkar and Aastad Kale. While Aastad gets 11 votes, Smita gets only 4 and thus Aastad becomes the captain for Week 2 inside the house.

# Sushant Shelar and Aarti Solanki get into a huge fight. Sushant is seen yelling at her and stating, “If you are from Girgaum, I am from Lower Parel.”

The show has started to get interesting. In the premiere episode, Mahesh introduced the audience to the contestants; we saw a combination of comedians, televisions stars, struggling and upcoming actors and also a few well-known faces from the Marathi industry.  And now with the first elimination round approaching, things are only getting more exciting. Who do you think will be eliminated this week? Watch this space for further updates.

(With inputs from Laxmikanth Kolge)