Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 has finally reached its finale episode and there is a lot of anticipation among viewers as to who will take the Bigg Boss title back home. The six top finalists Megha Dhade, Sharmishtha Raut, Sai Lokur, Smita Gondkar, Aastad Kale and Pushkar Jog were all geared up for the final race. Out of the six finalists, Sharmishtha Raut was evicted from the house in a surprise elimination. The contestants were in a shock and now only five contestants were left to compete with each other. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Grand Finale: Shiv Thakare Beats Neha Shitole to Bag Winner's Trophy, Wins Prize Money of Rs 17 Lakh

Bigg Boss Marathi Grand Finale Live Updates:

10:45-Megha Dhade declared the Winner of Bigg boss Marathi. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Launches Season 2, Kishori Shahane Enters The House as First Contestant at Grand Premiere

10:35– Megha and Pushkar have been declared the top two finalists of Bigg Boss Marathi season 1. Smita Gets Eliminated Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Grand Finale: Megha Dhade Takes The Trophy Home, Pushkar Jog Secures The Second Place in Season 1

10:23– Resham Tipnis interacts with the finalists. “I expected Megha, Smita and Pushkar to be in the top 3 finalists including myself. And Smita deserves to be the winner of the season. I am so bloody proud of her. Megha, you really played well and Pushkar as well. But I would want Pushkar and Smita to be the top 2 finalists”.

10:20– Resham Tipnis takes the stage on fire with her ‘Khallas’ performance.

10:18 pm- The winner of the Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 will be announced any minute now.

10:07 pm- Sai talks about Pushkar on the stage and said, “He is an amazing human being. I am in love with the person he is”.

09:59– With just four contestants left in the house- Sai, Megha, Smita and Pushkar, the excitement is increasing within them. All the four contestants were called for a special task where they were asked to hit the buzzer to decide the fate of the top four finalists. After the buzzer round, Smita and Megha have been declared safe. Sai Lokur gets eliminated from the house marking Pushkar safe.

08:47– The second finalist, Aastad Kale gets eliminated from the finale and joins Mahesh on the stage. He expresses his disappointment and says, “I feel quite relaxed now. But I feel sad that I couldn’t be the winner.”

07:35– Former Bigg Boss Marathi contestant Jui Gadkari enters the show with her energetic performance. Mahesh gets back to the contestants and talks about Megha’s journey in the house and how her and Sharmishtha’s friendship grew after she entered in the house as a wild card contestant.

07:15– The Bigg Boss Marathi finale episode began with a group performance of Megha Dhade, Sharmishtha Raut, Sai Lokur, Smita Gondkar, Aastad Kale and Pushkar Jog on a fusion song. Soon after the performance, the host of the reality show Mahesh Manjrekar interacted with the contestants inside the house and creates more anticipation among the Bigg Boss house members.

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