Bigg Boss Marathi grand finale was full of twists and we finally have a winner of the first season. The much-loved show was full of anticipation and Megha Dhade has finally taken the title back home.  The competition between the three finalists- Megha Dhade, Smita and Pushkar was tough and many viewers were hoping their favourite member to win the trophy. The grand finale was a colourful event with many power-pack performances by ex-contestants Resham Tipnis, Rajesh Shringarpure, Vineet Bhonde and Sushant Shelar. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Grand Finale: Shiv Thakare Beats Neha Shitole to Bag Winner's Trophy, Wins Prize Money of Rs 17 Lakh

Megha Dhade’s husband spoke to a leading daily and said, “I am 100% sure that Megha will win the show and there are no doubts about it. And as I am an engineer, I normally talk with facts and figures, not randomly.” Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi Grand Finale: Megha Dhade Declared Winner of Season 1

Megha has always been the centre of attention and even her friends in the house, Sai and Pushkar have blamed her for being fake. Also Read - Bigg Boss Marathi: Resham Tipnis Opens up on Her Relationship With Rajesh Shringarpure

“She is exactly the same in her real life, too. No one can behave fake in Bigg Boss. Sai and Pushkar have said that she is faking things but what do they know how Megha is in her real life. Also till date, Megha’s behaviour hasn’t changed at all whereas the behaviour of all the other contestants has.” He added.

Talking about Megha’s game strategy he said, “It’s a game of intelligence and mind. Even some people blame that Megha has played the victim card but who made her the victim in the first place?”