Bigg Boss OTT latest gossip: In the new episode of Bigg Boss OTT, the contestants received letters from their loved ones through a machine at the entrance of the house. There was a task behind it – contestants would have to make a grab for the letter first. One such letter was from Shamita Shetty’s family which she read standing next to Raqesh Bapat. You won’t believe the Shetty family has a special message for Raqesh in the letter. Shamita read her letter aloud, “Convey my love to your partner Raqesh.”Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Contestants go Under Quarantine, Not Divya Agarwal But Pratik Sehajpal And Nishant Bhat to Enter

Shamita and Raqesh are each other’s connection since the beginning of Bigg Boss OTT. They have huge fights, deep conversations and share a great bond.   They are most of the time see hugging and kissing on the cheeks. Raqesh never misses a chance to praise her throughout the show and the two have always stood up for one another in the game show. Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT Winner Divya Agarwal Reveals Why She Will Not Contact Shamita Shetty: 'I Forgive But Do Not Forget'

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Raqesh Bapat’s sister Sheetal Bapat has also reacted on his loving relationship and rumoured romance with Shamita. She told ETimes, “I think it’s cute… what the two of them share. Their equation is looking good. We are a close-knit family but when it comes to personal choices, we don’t say anything. Raqesh is a reserved person and he is someone who doesn’t like to be around too many people.” Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT Winner Divya Agarwal on Doing Bigg Boss 15: Scared of Salman Khan

She added, “We all never watched Bigg Boss and all what we had heard was that a lot of fights happen inside the house. And my brother is someone who loves to be at peace. We wondered how he would even survive and adjust to all that? We felt that probably by the time he would understand what was happening, the fight will be over! But seeing him like this is new for us all and we are all loving it. My daughters especially love to see their mama on screen. Our lunch and dinner time conversations are all about Bigg Boss now”.

Last week in Bigg Boss house, Shamita told Raqesh that she hasn’t been treated well by any of the men in her past relationships and he provides him a different level of comfort.