Makers of Bigg Boss 11 are making sure to add to the entertainment and drama quotient of the show and keep audiences hooked. That is why the last couple of episodes has been about family members/ close ones visiting the gharwales inside the controversial home. Well, recently we all saw how Divya Agarwal finally confronted Priyank Sharma on national television and broke up with him. The former couple were left teary eyed at the end of the emotional moment. Priyank broke down and cried for a long time. He even called out her name since Bigg Boss did not allow him to speak to her. If you think this break up will leave Priyank crushed for days, you’re sadly mistaken. Given his track record, it didn’t take him any time to get over it. He was even seen getting into a fight with Hina thereafter. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Latest Eviction: Sonali Phogat Gets Eliminated From Salman Khan-Hosted Show

Well, to be honest we did enjoy a sadistic laugh when Priyank got dumped on national television. Well, as surprising it may be, we were not the only ones laughing. Salman Khan too literally fell on the floor and laughed at Priyank. He continued to ask Priyank what happened that a girl came all the way to the Bigg Boss house to break up with him. Salman’s laughter was so infectious that within no time even Priyank started laughing. Soon thereafter the contestants couldn’t control themselves and started laughing as well seeing Salman’s reaction. To say that it is hilarious to watch Salman roll on the floor and laugh out loud wouldn’t be a lie. Take a look at the video below and you’ll get the clear picture. (ALSO READ : Bigg Boss 11 : Benafsha Soonwalla Upset For Being Called The Reason Behind Priyank Sharma And Divya Agarwal’s Break Up) Also Read - Varun Dhawan-Natasha Dalal Wedding LIVE From Alibaug: Karan Johar Reaches Alibaug to Bless His 'Student'

One look at Priyank and no one would be able to say that the guy just got dumped. Anyway, after the much publicised breakup he was seen telling Hina that he was confused as they had broken up even before he stepped foot inside the Bigg Boss house this season. Well the reason cited by Divya for calling it quits was his growing closeness with former Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Benafsha Soonawalla. Additionally, she was miffed with him for never acknowledging their relationship on national TV. While breaking up she told Priyank how hurt she was with his behaviour and actions. She also told him to mend his ways as it was costing him his fan following and that Vikas was perhaps the only genuine friend he had in the house.

Anyway, in the above video, Priyank is seen making an appeal to Salman to not portray him as a playboy on television. He is also seen telling him that while everyone’s mom, dad or friends came to motivate them on the show, he was left demotivated after Divya left the house calling it quits with him. However, much to his dismay, his pleas were welcomed with more laughter. The entire episode is too funny. Don’t you think? Let us know in the comments’ section below.